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Removal of blockage in the sink, the hand of a man with a bottle of a special remedy with granules. Clean the blockages in the bathroom with chemicals.

4 Tips to Save Money on Drain Cleaning

It doesn’t take long for a clogged drain to become a big problem. Drains are important features of your home because they carry away waste and debris. Clogs often cause water and debris to back up. Once they reach the top of the drain, the debris will spread onto your bathroom or kitchen floor. As professional cleaning is usually pretty expensive, you’ll want to check out the four top tips to save on drain cleaning.

1. Avoid Chemical Cleaners

If reaching for a chemical product is your first instinct upon seeing a clog, take a step back. Chemical drain cleaners often produce a lot of fumes that can affect your eyes, skin, and even lungs. Some people develop rashes from exposure to those chemicals. Another issue is that they’re often so acidic that the products can eat through your pipes, leading to an even more costly repair.

2. Stay Away From Hazards

When you’re cooking or cleaning in a hurry, you might feel tempted to toss old grease down the kitchen sink. Never pour grease into a drain even if you have a garbage disposal. This increases the risk you’ll have a clog. The grease hardens as it cools and often forms a big clog that requires professional cleaning. Avoid other things that can cause clogs, including eggshells, coffee grounds, and paints. A bigger clog may cost more to clean.

3. Take Steps Early

Take care of clogs before they cost a bundle to fix. Some of the common signs you have a clogged drain on your hands include musty and foul smells coming from your drains and raw sewage odors inside or near your bathroom. If you hear gurgling noises, it can indicate the water cannot move through the drain and falls into air pockets. Drains that move slower than they did before are another sign of a clog. Call a plumber when you have one or more of these signs.

4. Look for Deals

Another way to save money on drain cleaning is with local specials. Special prices are often available for those who schedule regular cleaning one or more times a year and customers who sign up for a plumbing maintenance plan. With a maintenance plan, you know right away what a plumber finds when they come out to your home. You may even find specials that reduce your cleaning cost when you need emergency help.

Clogged drains cause more problems than you think and often lead to expensive repairs and services. With specials, taking steps early, avoiding hazards, and staying away from chemical cleaners, you will save money on the cost. If you live in the Waldorf, MD area and want to save on drain cleaning, contact A Better Plumber.

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