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When summer rolls around you want to spend your time enjoying the warm weather without worrying about your home’s air conditioning system. After all, with the cold winter months in Southern Maryland, who doesn’t want to maximize their fun under that warm sun? That summer fun can quickly turn into a hot, muggy, & downright uncomfortable time if your AC equipment breaks down. Fear not friends! As of February of 2020 Marylanders can now call on the must trusted name in Plumbing to solve air conditioner issues, too! That’s right folks, we have expanded our offerings to better serve our customers and are now known as A Better Plumber Heating and Cooling! Now our customers who are suffering with failing & poorly performing air conditioners can receive our same level of award winning customer service, dedication to quality workmanship, and fair and honest pricing for any and all AC services.

Why Choose A Better Plumber Heating and Cooling?

Your AC is a complicated system of equipment that removes the heat and humidly from your home in the summertime, leaving you with nothing but cool refreshing comfort. So when there is an issue with your air conditioning unit, call on top rated home services company in Southern Maryland. At a Better Plumbing & Air Conditioning our certified repair technicians have the expertise, equipment, and customer service skills that you need when your home is quickly becoming unbearably hot.

Whether your AC fails in the morning, evening, or on a weekend we’ve got you covered with our same day ac service! We understand that going without AC during the summer months isn’t an option. So pick up the phone and dial (301) 278-8786 at the first sign of any issue with your air conditioning system and know that our team of pros will have the problem fixed quickly and cost-effectively. 

When you call on A Better Plumber Heating and Cooling for your home or businesses ac repair you’ll benefit from:

Because there are many components to your Southern Maryland home’s air conditioning unit, there can be many reasons that you are not happy with its performance. And to determine what is causing your issue, you should rely on only a certified air conditioner repair specialist to provide you with accurate information. The A Better Plumber Heating and Cooling techs are trained to work on all makes and models of AC’s and have the hands-on experience to get to the root of the issue quickly. No problem is too big or too small for our team, and we will always provide you with a free cost estimate for any work that we recommend.

Common Air Conditioner Issues

When you walk in your front door in August and discover that the temperature in your home is a balmy 90 degrees, you instantly know that there is a problem with your air conditioner. But other than failing to cool your home, there are several issues that could be the reason for your call to A Better Plumber Heating and Cooling. Some of the most common reasons that our customers call us for help include:

  • Noises or whining coming from their air conditioner
  • Loud rattling when the blower is running
  • Warm air coming from the register not cold air
  • High humidity inside the house even when the AC is running
  • A compressor malfunction
  • An air conditioner that will not turn on
  • An air conditioner that turns on and off constantly
  • Leaks from the AC equipment

When you notice any out of the ordinary occurrences such as the items listed here, call us to schedule a service appointment to determine the problem. Never wait and hope that the issue will disappear. In most cases, the first indications of a problem are warning signs of something worse. A fast call for service will get the tiny problem fixed and prevent very costly damage to your AC unit.

In Southern Maryland, living without air condition is almost impossible. So when your old AC unit reaches the end of its life, you immediately begin to worry about the cost and complications of installing a new unit. But you don’t need to worry about either of those things. All you need to do is call (301) 278-8786 to schedule an appointment with a A Better Plumber Heating and Cooling pro. After an evaluation of your home and a discussion about your budget, our tech will provide you with your options and pricing for new AC units.

We understand that a new air conditioner is a significant investment. But we also know that you should not be trying to keep an old, outdated unit running for too long because it is wasting your hard-earned money. Our staff will work with you to determine which unit and payment options will meet your needs and allow us to begin work on your new air conditioner installation immediately. And once the installation is completed, you will have peace of mind and our complete warranty backing your new AC.

Signs That You Need A New Air Conditioner

Most air conditioners last between 15-20 years. But that industry-standard life-expectancy can increase or decrease depending on many factors such as the care of the unit and the climate. The best way to know when your air conditioner is reaching the end of its life is to be on the lookout for some common indications. These signs include:

  • Poor Climate Control- As an AC unit ages, the function becomes less efficient, and you begin to notice that your home is not as cool and comfortable as it once was. You might also find that the temperature in your home is no longer remaining constant. Some rooms are cool, while others are warmer.
  • Increased Utility Cost- As the efficiency of your air conditioner decreases, sadly, the operating cost will increase. This is because the unit is running more frequently and working harder to try and maintain the temperature that you have set on the thermostat. As your bills get higher, and so does the temperature in your home, it is clearly time to start thinking about a new air conditioner installation.
  • Too Many Repairs- If you feel like you have your AC fixed every month or even more often, then it is about time to purchase a replacement. Every unit will require service and repairs from time to time. But when your repair bills come as often as your utility bills, then your air conditioner has reached the end of its life.

Preventative Maintenance

All mechanical devices need regular maintenance and service to continue operating, and your AC is no different. You would never expect your car to run forever without an occasional oil change, and tune-up and your air conditioner needs that same care and preventative maintenance. With professional maintenance, your AC unit can last up to two decades, which makes it a very affordable feature in your Southern Maryland home. However, if you only change the filter once in a while, expect to be replacing your AC about every ten years, if you are lucky.

To nearly double the life expectancy of your air conditioner, investing in professional preventative maintenance is a smart move. At A Better Plumber Heating and Cooling, we inspect all of the components of your unit and provide the service and care that will maximize your return on investment. Our inspection and service include:

  • Filter inspection and care
  • Checking the refrigerant
  • Inspecting the drain pan and drain lines
  • Cleaning and inspecting the evaporator coils
  • Inspecting the electrical connections and checking the voltage
  • Inspecting the air handlers and airflow settings
  • Checking the safety switches

This maintenance will ensure not only the most efficient function of your air conditioner but also the longest life expectancy possible. And if we discover any items that need additional service, we will provide you with a complete cost quote to complete the work before any permanent damage occurs.

Your air conditioner provides a vital service to your home during the summer months. Without AC, your home will become hot, humid, and miserable. So as soon as you notice an odd noise or find that your home is not remaining cool and comfortable, call the pros at A Better Plumber Heating and Cooling. Our licensed technician will locate the issue and correct it before you are forced to suffer through days of heat and humidity. And each repair is backed by our complete warranty.

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