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Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance in Maryland

All mechanical devices need regular maintenance and service to continue operating, and your AC is no different. You would never expect your car to run forever without an occasional oil change, and tune-up and your air conditioner needs that same care and preventative maintenance. With professional maintenance, your AC unit can last up to two decades, which makes it a very affordable feature in your Southern Maryland home. However, if you only change the filter once in a while, expect to be replacing your AC about every ten years, if you are lucky.

To nearly double the life expectancy of your air conditioner, investing in professional preventative maintenance is a smart move. At A Better Plumber Heating & Cooling, we inspect all of the components of your unit and provide the service and care that will maximize your return on investment. Our inspection and service include:

This maintenance will ensure not only the most efficient function of your air conditioner but also the longest life expectancy possible. And if we discover any items that need additional service, we will provide you with a complete cost quote to complete the work before any permanent damage occurs.

Your air conditioner provides a vital service to your home during the summer months. Without AC, your home will become hot, humid, and miserable. So as soon as you notice an odd noise or find that your home is not remaining cool and comfortable, call the pros at A Better Plumber Heating & Cooling. Our licensed technician will locate the issue and correct it before you are forced to suffer through days of heat and humidity. And each repair is backed by our complete warranty.

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