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Contractor installing and repairing water pumping station. Borehole water pump.

The Benefits of Regular Well Pump Maintenance

There are many advantages to having a private well, but it also means that you, not the Charles County Utilities Division, are responsible for its upkeep. Not having your well maintained by reliable plumbers risks contaminated water coming into your home. In the worst case, it risks no water coming into your home at all. Benefits of well pump maintenance include:

  • Restoring or improving water flow
  • Disinfecting the well to remove pathogens
  • Fixing water pressure issues
  • Making sure all parts of the well are sound

When to Call in a Professional

There are signs that let you know if you need a professional to check your well. You should call for professional service anytime your well needs to be opened up. You should also call if your water tastes or smells bad or if it is cloudy.

Also, call a professional if the water pressure isn’t as strong as it should be, you’re not getting the amount of water you should be getting, or if your well seems to cycle on and off too frequently. Call for help if you sent a sample of your water to be tested, and a report tells you that it’s full of dangerous contaminants.

You might even be able to visually inspect the above-ground equipment. Cracks or rusted, loose, or leaking components are signs that a professional should be called.

What Happens During a Well Pump Maintenance Call?

Our plumbers perform several tests to make sure that your well is in good working order. First, they’ll visually inspect the parts of your well. They’ll check the pressure tank and the control box, the well hole and its casing, the well cap, and the pump itself. They’ll perform a flow test and a water quality test. They’ll then check the valves and electrical components.

Our team will repair whatever damage they find, clean the well, and write up a report. The plumbers will give you a copy of the report for your records and to refer to when the well is serviced again.

Call Our Plumbers for Well Pump Maintenance

Waldorf, found nearly equidistantly between the Potomac and Patuxent Rivers, is a lovely place to live and work. Our experienced and licensed plumbers are proud to have served the residents of this city for over 20 years.

We perform well pump maintenance, as well as drain and sewer cleaning, leak detection, and a number of other services. We offer 24-hour service and also serve commercial customers. Don’t forget to ask us about our HVAC services. Call A Better Plumber for well pump service today.

Contact our licensed professionals today to schedule a service appointment. (301) 278-8786

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