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3 Costly Plumbing Mistakes You Could Be Making

 3 Costly Plumbing Mistakes You Could Be Making



Most homeowners don’t think too much about their plumbing drains until something goes wrong. And sadly, when that happens, most people will take matters into their own hands in an effort to save a few dollars or a little bit of time. After all, no one wants to sit at home and wait for a plumber to show up. But what these homeowners do not understand is that their DIY fix could actually end up costing them a lot of money. It would be cheaper to pay for a professional drain cleaning or clog removal instead of repiping their entire house. 

Chemical Drain Cleaners – A Jug Of Trouble

When you notice a drain that appears to be clogged or slow to clear, it seems easy enough to grab a jug of drain cleaner at the store. However, the chemicals in that bottle are more likely to eat away your drain pipes than they are to remove the clog. The reason is that these products cause corrosion in metal pipes and can even melt plastic drain pipes. When the drain cleaner settles in at the clog, the same chemical reaction that is trying to dissolve the clog is dissolving the wall of your drain pipe. And if you are fortunate, the chemicals will remove part of the clog before the pipe is completely compromised.

Repeated use of harsh chemical drain cleaners is sure to shorten the life of your drain pipes and will never really clean away an entire clog. A better solution is a professional drain cleaning from the pros at  A Better Plumber. Our licensed plumbers use only high-pressure water to remove clogs and residue from your drain pipes. Call us today at (301) 278-8786 for a cost-effective solution to clogged drains.

Ignoring A Small Plumbing Problem

Small plumbing issues never remain small forever. They will always get worse. And when that happens, the cost of the repair also increases. Addressing a small leak or dripping faucet will be much faster and cheaper than waiting until you have a large leak and water damage to repair.

And even worse is the potential for moisture buildup that can result in mold and mildew growth in your home. While mildew is relatively common and easy to remove, some types of mold are very dangerous. Toxic black mold is very invasive and can require professional removal and clean up to ensure that the contaminants are not spread throughout your home. When you notice a tiny plumbing issue such as a dripping faucet or toilet that runs too often, don’t wait to call (301) 278-8786 for an appointment with a  A Better Plumber licensed plumber.

Use Your Plumbing Drains Correctly

Most homeowners don’t pay much attention to what they are washing down their drains. In the kitchen, eggshells, coffee grounds, oils, and greasy liquids are all washed down the disposal without much thought. But at some point, all of that debris and grease is going to create a nasty drain clog. The oily residue lines the inside of the pipe and traps food particles. Eventually, the water flow is restricted, and you need a plumber.

Bathroom drains also see a lot of oil-based bath and beauty products. These oils coat the inside of your drains and are the perfect material to snag stray hairs or even pet fur that is washed down sink and tub drains. Again, a clog will quickly form and create a backup in your tub, shower, or sink.

The solution to both of these problems is to place a small mesh filter over your sink, tub, and shower drains. This screen helps to eliminate hair, food particles, and even larger dirt particles from washing down the drain and causing a clog. Throw these more substantial items in a trash can and eliminate the need for frequent drain cleanings and clog removal.

Understanding these three common mistakes and eliminating them is a great way to save money and increase the life expectancy of your home’s drain pipes. It is also helpful to know that all drains should be professionally cleaned on an annual basis. This routine cleaning will eliminate the clog causing residue that inevitably builds up in drain pipes.

To schedule a professional drain cleaning, call the  A Better Plumber pros at (301) 278-8786. We use only high-pressure water to eliminate residue, remove clogs, and help control the odor coming from your drain pipes. Our pros have been using this equipment for years and are expertly trained to protect your pipes from any damage during the cleaning process. And for added convenience, we offer drain cleaning appointments in the evening and on the weekends to work with your busy schedule.

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