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4 Common Causes Of Drain Clogs

4 Common Causes Of Drain Clogs



One of the most common reasons that residents call a plumber is because of a clogged drain. In most instances, the drain has become a severe problem because the homeowner waited until the drain was blocked entirely before calling in the professionals. At this point, there is a huge potential for water damage and contamination, which can both be costly to repair. The best solution is always to call  (301) 278-8786 as soon as you notice a drain that is clearing slowly. This fast action and the skills of the A Better Plumber pros will ensure a quick and affordable solution to your drain clog issue. It is also beneficial to know what can cause common drain clogs and how you can avoid them. Some of the more common offenders include:

Garbage Disposal Issues

Your garbage disposal is only meant to grind up small pieces of debris. It is not designed to replace your trash can. So when you fail to remove large pieces of food and waste before rinsing dishes and cookware, you are creating the potential for a severe drain clog. An overworked garbage disposal will allow large pieces of food into your drain that is already coated with residue and dried grease. When this happens, you are sure to find that your sink drain is becoming clogged and could soon back up into your home and cause expensive water damage. The solution is to remove large food chunk, waste, and debris from your dishes before they reach the sink.

Dishwasher Debris

Placing dirty dishes directly in the dishwasher is not a solution to avoiding garbage disposal issues. When food is rinsed into the bottom of your dishwasher, it can lead to drain clogs and a foul odor in your dishwasher. Chunks of food that are left in the filter of a dishwasher will eventually disintegrate enough to wash through the screen and become a clog hazard. If you notice any pieces of food at the bottom of your dishwasher, immediately remove them and place them in a trashcan. The best solution is to make sure that all large pieces of food and waste are scraped into a trash can before dishes are rinsed and loaded into your dishwasher.

Washing Machine Debris

All washing machines have a filter that is designed to stop small bits of fabric and debris from washing down the drain. However, if you do not regularly clean the screen, it will become clogged and eventually damaged enough to allow the debris to enter your drain. Taking the few seconds needed to clean your washing machine filter is the best way to avoid a serious drain clog that could cause gallons of dirty water from your washing machine to flood your home.

Sewer Line Issues

In some cases, the clog or issue is not in your home, but it is in your main sewer line that connects your home drains to the city sewer main. At some point, the pipes will fill up with dirty water and waste. Then the only place for that mess to go is into your home. Proper sewer line care includes regular inspections from a licensed plumbing professional at A Better Plumber. Our sewer line specialists will inspect your sewer pipe and let you know if there are any clogs or damage to the pipe so that it can be remedied before there is a backup in your home.

Being careful about what is washed down your sink, tub, and shower drain is essential to the function of your sewer line. Also, you should be aware of the location of the pipe and avoid that area when planting new shrubs or trees in your yard or excavating for any other project. And if you suspect that there is any damage to your sewer pipe, call the pros at  (301) 278-8786 immediately.

Finally, it is not unusual to experience sewer line issues after heavy rain or a long period of rain. All of the rainwater can cause dirt and other debris to wash into local sewers and create a blockage in the city sewer main. If you find that all of your drains are clearing slowly after heavy rainfall, call the sewer line specialists at A Better Plumber to schedule a sewer line inspection. Our licensed plumber will use a small camera to determine if there is a clog in your sewer line or if you need to call and ask for an inspection of the city sewers near your home.

Knowing the cause of common drain clogs and how to avoid them is the best way to avoid the costly and messy repairs in your home. Always call the pros at  (301) 278-8786 as soon as you discover a slow clearing drain to save yourself time, money and frustration.

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