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Common Sink & Drain issues

Most homeowners understand the responsibilities and necessary requirements that come with purchasing a home. But when it comes to their new homes Plumbing systems, fundamental knowledge of the maintenance and repairs may not be so commonly understood. What happens when a drain clogs more than just once? Or what if the time it takes for your sinks and showers become slow to drain? Its important to understand tells and signs for when there may be a need for Professional Maintenance, but more importantly it is to avoid unnecessary damage and costly repairs. We at A Better Plumbing are committed to helping homeowners not just understand these signs, but also to know when its best to give us a call. Before you do, here are some Common Sink & Drain Issues:

Dripping Faucets

Occasionally you may notice water leaking or dripping from a sink head, perhaps just a one time thing. What happens when it’s a consistent drip? Did you know that a single dripping faucet could waste hundreds of gallons in a year’s time? Even worse it could waste hundreds of dollars from your bank account. Oftentimes a leaky faucet is a result of an internal washer being old, worn, or displaced. While a DIY job might work out temporarily, it’s important that you have the proper tools, and the proper knowledge base, and experience for the job.

Slow Draining sinks

Water that takes a long time to drain isn’t a normal thing, and shouldn’t be something to try and tolerate. Slow to drain sinks and drains are usually a result of what has been washed down the pipes. Food, and Fat content can form a block in your kitchen just as Hair and Soap scum would cause the same issue for your bathroom sink and shower. Chemical approaches to clearing your slow to drain sinks may work. However if you have persisted with a plumber as well as a chemical treatment it may be time to call a pro. For these symptoms may proceed into worse problems.

Clogged shower and sink

As stated above about slow to drain sinks above, if your slow drains persist into clogged drains then you may be dealing with a larger issue. A build up of food scraps or hair and bathing products can cause a block in your pipe and prevent the passage of water. Depending on how frequent and severe these clogs are you may need to have them inspected for a professional drain cleaning. Most of the time these are more difficult than a DIY fix, and if these problems are overlooked or underestimated it may result in damage to your home or your plumbing system. Better to have your drains inspected by a professional now than to risk the damages and cost of major repairs later.

Clogged toilet

While we all know the all too comical reasons for a toilet to be clogged, sometimes it can take more than a simple plunge to fix. Also there could be a chance that if using “Flushable” wipes that there may be a buildup of fibrous material blocking the drainage of your home. In these cases it primarily requires a powered drain snake to clear up the issue. If sat on for too long, this simple clog could cause cracks in your pipes or backup of water into your home. Call now for an inspections of your drains. (301) 278-8786

There is a wider range of issues that come with Sinks, Showers, and Toilets over time. Loose handles, Running water, Slow, and completely Clogged Drains are always good indicators that its time for some tender love and care for your plumbing appliances. Wether you possess the know how, or you need expert advice and help. It is vital for your home and your wallet to get these issues addressed sooner than later. If you suspect and issue with your Plumbing and need further advice or assistance. Do not hesitate to call A Better Plumber at (301) 278-8786.

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