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Do You Have A Slab Leak?

Many homeowners have no idea that there could be a water leak eroding their home’s concrete slab foundation and the material that is supporting that slab. They might have noticed a drop in water pressure or a higher than average water bill. But these minor issues did not trigger the red flag that there could be a significant and costly water leak under their home’s foundation. Unfortunately, they wait until they see significant water damage or water flooding out from under their foundation before they make that critical call to a professional plumber. If only they had known about slab leaks sooner, they could have saved tens of thousands of dollars in water damage and repair costs.

What Is A Slab Leak, And Why Is It So Dangerous?

When your home is built on a concrete slab rather than a basement, all your water lines run under that massive sheet of concrete. And when there is a leak in one of the water lines, it is often concealed by the concrete. So you might only notice subtle indications of a problem. But the issue is very severe.

The water leaking under the concrete washes away the layers of rock installed to help support the concrete foundation of your house. And as that material washes away, your concrete foundation will begin to crack, settle, and suffer extensive damage. Soon, the floors and walls of your home will start to show signs of damage as their supporting structure is compromised. And then there is the massive amount of water damage to your home as the water leeches up into your floors through the damaged foundation.

How Does Leak Detection Work?

As you can imagine, it is very challenging to locate a water leak under a few thousand square feet of concrete. However, thanks to modern technology, leak detection experts can identify even the smallest drips under a solid sheet of concrete. Thermal imaging, sound amplification, and temperature fluctuation are used to precisely locate leaks hidden under a concrete foundation.

Once the leak is located, your leak detection experts will explain the best process for a repair. The location will often dictate the process due to the accessibility of the water lines. In some cases, a new pipe can be installed in your attic or walls to replace the leaking pipe. Then the damaged pipe is abandoned. Other leaks can be accessed from the edge of the foundation. But some leaks demand a small access hole be cut in the foundation to make the repair. However, the foundation and floor can be patched and repaired once the repair is completed and pressure tested.

Signs Of A Slab Leak

Early detection is critical to a successful and cost-effective slab leak repair. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware of the signs of these costly leaks. It is rare for water to seep up through flooring. More subtle indications of a slab leak include:

  • A noticeable change in the temperature of a small part of the floor
  • Sudden cracking of flooring or wall surfaces
  • Visible cracks on the outside of your foundation
  • Unexplained moisture or water pooling at the edge of your foundation
  • An unexplained and excessively high water bill
  • The sound of water dripping or running inside your home
  • New and unexplained mold and mildew infestations in your home near the foundation
  • Your home’s water meter is indicating a leak by constantly showing water flow

When you notice any of these signs of a slab leak, call (301) 278-8786. The slab leak detection specialists at A Better Plumber will arrive quickly to locate any hidden leak and provide you with fast and fully warrantied solutions.

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