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Garbage Disposal Repair in Frederick, MD

Garbage Disposal Repair in Frederick, MD

A Garbage Disposal is a useful machine fitted between the kitchen sink and drainage. It breaks down food waste into finer bits with the help of a shredder. We sometimes load the garbage disposal with, perhaps, more solid waste than it can take on, adversely affecting its functioning resulting in an eventual breakdown. Waste should be disposed of a little at a time and water should be run before and after waste disposal. If proper care and maintenance are not done, a garbage disposal can cause problems and require repair.

For any requirements with respect to Garbage Disposal Repair in Frederick, MD, call our services now. Our team of experts are well-versed with the mechanics of garbage disposals and will help you sort out issues at the best affordable rates possible.

Problems with Garbage Disposal
Some common problems with garbage disposals are listed below. Sometimes you do not even have to call us, minor problems can be resolved at home.

  1. If the garbage disposal is not making any sound and doesn’t do anything, there is a possibility that it is not receiving power. Try using any other device from the electrical outlet of the garbage disposal and ensure that the electrical point is working properly. If not, press the reset button of the garbage disposal and try. Otherwise, try resetting the circuit breaker connected to the disposal.
  2. If the garbage disposal is draining slowly, it may be because the drain pipe has clogged. Resist the temptation to drain it down with chemical cleaners, they may not work. It may harm your disposal too. Instead, take off the drain trap and remove the drainage pipe. Remove the clogs and fix the drain pipe back. If there are no clogs here, then clogs might be present in the part of the pipe in the wall. Use a sink auger to remove these obstructions.

However, some other problems with the garbage disposal may not be as simple as these and would require professional help. Leakage in the garbage disposal and stuff stuck between impeller and the flywheel or shredder ring, should be done by people who have a know-how of disposals. There is a golden rule to be followed when it comes to garbage disposal- never put your hand inside the machine with the plug in. Switch off the electric supply to the garbage disposal before any repair activity.

If your garbage disposal clogs frequently, maybe you need a bigger capacity garbage disposal. If you have to press the reset button many times, it could indicate a failing motor. If your blades look worn-off, they may not be as sharp as before to grind efficiently. If you are unable to get rid of odors emitting out of your garbage disposal after trying all home remedies, maybe it is time to get a new garbage disposal installed.

We provide excellent services in Frederick, MD for garbage disposal repair or if you wish to install a new garbage disposal. Call us today and get care free!

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