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How To Install A Shower Stall

How To Install A Shower Stall

Are you looking for effective tips on how to install a shower stall? Some people prefer to install a shower stall and not spending tons of dollars on a complete bathtub. If you want to install a shower stall successfully, it is expedient to have some carpentry and plumbing skills. Seeking the support of an expert in this field and abiding by the instructions provided by manufacturers is helpful in the entire process.  Reading through the rest part of this content will help you discover some creative ideas on how to install a shower stall successfully.

​Step 1:
The first step to take is by organizing and planning out the strategies to use.  The ideal location for your project is determined before anything.  Whether you are planning to replace a bathtub or installing a shower stall to reduce space, make sure to put the stall near the cold and hot water pipes. Another important factor to consider is that the stall should have unequivocal access to the drainage pipe.

Next on the list is to make a proper decision on the real type of stall to install. Walking through the plumbing department of a home improvement store or a quick search on the internet will help you discover several types of shower stalls one can buy. Ensure that the size of your stall fits your project goal. You will find stalls ranging from semi-circles to rectangles in the marketplace.

Step 2:

Provided the organizing and planning process is complete, simply install the shower stall. The intended shower environment should be ready and clean. There is every possibility to remove floor coverings and bathroom tiles when installing the shower directly to the actual base. The actual drain hole location should be identified. This can be done by measuring the shower pan and forging a hole via the floor. Tear out the area of the wall if your plumbing is emanating from a basement that exposes the pipes.

If applicable, it is a good idea to build a frame structure to support the stall. In some instances, you may need to brace a whole pre-structured unit or build an image to support the shower pan. If applicable, you can as well install the sides of your shower stall. If you are using shower kits that come with a plethora of pieces, then this actual step should be followed. Finally, you can slide the unit or pan in position and ensure to attach it by using screws.

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