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How To Protect Your Plumbing And Your Pets

Many homeowners feel that a house is not a home without a few loveable pets running around. In the recent year or so spent mostly at home, many more households have added a four-legged member to the family. But with life getting back to normal, it is time to think about pet-proofing your plumbing to protect your beloved pets and your home’s plumbing system. A few simple fixes can provide you with peace of mind when you are away and make caring for your pets easier as your schedule gets more hectic.

Protecting Piping

Puppies and kittens are, by nature, curious. And if you are headed back to the office and your children are going back to school this fall, your furry friends could quickly get bored. And when that happens, everything, including the water lines in your home, could look inviting. Be sure that cabinet doors remain closed to protect the pipes under your sinks. If your critters are inquisitive, consider adding childproof latches to the cabinets to keep paws from opening them to chew on pipes or get access to cleaners or other items that could be toxic to your pets. Even if your pet has not shown interest in these areas while you are at home, many animals show signs of separation anxiety. They can begin to demonstrate behavior changes that are shocking to their humans.

Close The Lid On All Toilets

In reality, you should always close the lid on the toilet before flushing to keep bacteria and germs from floating around the bathroom. However, it is also essential to keep this area off-limits to your pets. Dogs are the most common pet to use the toilet as a water bowl. Some cats have also been known to follow this disgusting practice. But the potential for harm is great if you use any toilet bowl additive for cleaning. Or even if you have just scrubbed the bowl with bleach or another cleaner. These chemicals can make your pet sick or even worse.

Use Drain Screens

To decrease the potential for a clogged drain, placing a mesh drain screen in each sink or tub is a smart idea. These small and very affordable devices stop any pet hair from washing down the drain and promoting a drain clog. The screen is placed over the drain and easily wiped out when it begins to accumulate hair, fur, or other debris. These are especially important in a tub used to bathe your pooch.

Balance Pressure Valves For Added Safety

Balance pressure valves are essential if you bathe your pets at home. This simple device serves to maintain the temperature of the water in a shower or tub, even when other water is in use inside your home. We have all been in the shower and jumped away from the scalding hot water when a toilet is being flushed. And while it is uncomfortable to a human, it can be especially harmful to your pets. Young animals and senior pets are the most susceptible to burns from hot water. However, with a balanced pressure valve installation, you never need to worry about scalding your pet or adding to their fear of a bath due to overly hot water.

Applying these tips and tools to your home is a great way to protect both your home’s plumbing and your four-legged family members. Call (301) 278-8786 for assistance from the A Better Plumber licensed plumbers when you are pet-proofing your plumbing or for any plumbing issue you might encounter. We are here 24/7 and back all of our work with a complete warranty.

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