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Hydro-Jetting- The Only Safe Way To Clean Your Drain Pipes

Hydro-Jetting- The Only Safe Way To Clean Your Drain Pipes

Your home’s drains carry a lot of dirty water, debris, and even sewage out of your home. And once you think about all that goes through these pipes, it is not hard to understand why they can develop clogs and require regular cleaning. Not only will a professional drain cleaning eliminate the bad smell emanating from your drain pipes, but it will also remove any existing clogs and help prevent new clogs from forming. But the most remarkable part of this entire process is that a professional drain cleaning uses nothing but pure high-pressure water to get the job done.

A Few Words Of Wisdom From The Pros

You will NEVER find a licensed plumber who recommends the use of chemical drain cleaners, ever. This is because plumbers know that these concoctions are a combination of toxic compounds that can corrode, erode, or melt your home’s drain pipes. And that is likely to happen long before the chemicals manage to remove any clog. Also, these products do nothing to remove the sticky grime from the inside surface of any of your drain pipes. So new clogs will continue to form in your drains. Finally, plumbers know that the chemicals that you are dumping in your drain are going to fill your home with caustic fumes that can lead to eye, nose, and throat irritation and chemical burns if they come into contact with your skin. In short, none of this is going to fix your problem of a clogged drainpipe.

What Is Hydro-Jetting?

Think of a Hydro-Jet machine as a giant pressure washer for your drains. This piece of equipment can be adjusted to deliver water at a pressure of between 1,500 and 60,000 psi, depending on the size and type of the pipe being cleaned. And because this is nothing more than pure, clean water, it is safe to use on steel, cement, clay, cast iron, and plastic pipe drains from 1 1/2” to 48” in diameter. And what makes this process even safer is the extensive training that all professional plumbers receive when being certified to operating this equipment.

An Alternative To Digging Up Your Yard

In the past, when you had a tough clog in your sewer line, the only option was to dig up the pipe to locate the clog and remove it. But that repair process required making a mess of your yard and leaving a hugely visible scar until your grass or landscape could be repaired and reestablished. However, that has all changed thanks to the use of the Hydro-Jet. Now a professional plumber can blast all of the existing clogs and nasty residue out of your sewer drains without any destruction.    

Hydro-Jetting- Good For You, Your Pipes, And The Environment

When you have a tough drain clog, your only concern is eliminating the issue before you are facing a nasty sewage backup in your home. And it is understandable that you might not be thinking about what is being used to eliminate the issue at that very moment. But once the job is done, have you ever thought about the ramifications of your clog removal? Did you just dump several gallons of toxic chemicals into the sewer system? Are those toxins going to make their way into local groundwater or a natural habitat? You know how much you paid for the chemicals, but what will the environment be paying for your clog removal? Will it harm plant and animal life? Well, the simple answer is no, if you hired a professional to use a Hydro-Jet to remove your drain clog and clean your pipes. Nothing but pure water will be going into the sewers and out into the environment.

Taking proper care of your drain pipes is the best way to avoid unpleasant odors and clogs in your home. Make it a part of your spring or fall cleaning and know that you are investing a few dollars and an hour of your time in a year without worries of sewage backups and smelly drain pipes. Call the pros at A Better Plumber at (301) 278-8786 to schedule a drain cleaning at your home.

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