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Leaking Shower Heads

​It can be annoying to experience a leaky shower head. People often like to have a strong and steady stream when they get in the shower. It is not a good idea to waste excessive water spraying all over your home bathroom. Sending excess water to the drain may also increase your bill on a monthly basis. A Better Plumber is an expert in helping customers solve any problem related to leaky shower heads.

​If the leak is not emanating from the shower head, we can also help you resolve the problem. One important step that our experts take is by ensuring that the leak is coming from your shower head. For free flow of water, we will check the parts that form your shower head. Our specialists will check to make sure that your shower head gets attached in the normal way. By looking for signs of deteriorating and broken screws, we will be able to fix the problem of your shower head leak.

The flow of water to your shower head is regulated by the O-ring or a rubber washer. When the O-ring stops operating and gets old, it may affect the functioning of your shower head. We can replace the rubber washer to make water flow into your shower head. Our well-trained experts will dismantle your shower head to locate any old or bad rubber washer and add a new one.

Another step that we take is checking the valves operating in the shower head. Water supply valves can cause a leak in a shower head. These valves are designed to enable water to flow into the shower. Our professionals know how to attach the valves to ensure water flow into your shower head. Damaged and rusted valves will be replaced with a new one.

Water often comes with some minerals. These minerals can build up or accumulate over time to block free water flow into your shower head. A Better Plumber specialist has the right tools to dismantle your shower head to clean it up. We know the best product that can help clean lime and calcium deposits. Apart from using any cleaning products, our professionals can soak your shower head into a white vinegar solution for a couple of hours.
When there are holes around your shower head, it may not function efficiently. When this occurs, water will spill from all parts of the hole and cause a malfunction in the shower head. We will check for rust spots and holes to keep your shower head in the proper functioning strength. We will replace a metal face-plate or some tiles. By using plumber’s tape, we will be able to block any hole on your shower head.

Whenever you discover that your shower head is not functioning, simply give us a call. We have several years of expertise and experience in the field of shower head repair. A Better Plumber will help to maintain your shower head and keep it operating for a long time. Our experts are always at your disposal for the best shower head repair service.

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