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Leonardtown, Maryland Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Leonardtown, Maryland Drain & Sewer Cleaning

There is one thing that consistently troubles the residents and business owners of the small and tranquil town of Leonardtown, Maryland, and that is plumbing. Just recently, on January 10, 2017, the MDE (Maryland Department of Environment) is seeking a PFA (Priority Funding Area) funding exception from the SGCC (Smart Growth Coordinating Committee) to clean and treat failing septic systems of five residences in Leonardtown, Maryland. The BRF (Bay Restoration Fund) funding eligibility is said to be at around $20,000 per home, totaling up to $100,000. This simply shows that Leonardtown drain and sewer cleaning is something home and business owners need to learn and understand. With simple precautions and basic cleaning of drains and sewers, one can avoid the escalation of these issues.

How to Clean Drains
Simple stains, clogs, and even odor can be a nuisance, but when left untreated, it can turn into a catastrophe. Learn the basics and you can prevent it from happening.

  • Odor and Stains – Pour a cup of white vinegar down the drain, and when 30 minutes has passed, rinse the sink for stains.
  • Partial Blockage – Pour a cup of baking soda down the drain, and then follow it up with a cup of boiling water. Repeat until clog is gone.
  • Simple Clogs – Plungers can be a good tool to unclog the not too strong blockage in toilets or sinks. Make sure the plunger is tightly sealed with enough water before doing some plunging.

Strong Clogs near the Drain 
With an inexpensive barbed plastic drain cleaning tool, you can fish out clogs near the opening of a sink or a tub with its plastic barbs.

Clogs far from Drain
An inexpensive plumber’s snake or cable auger can be used. It comes in various lengths, but usually around 25-foot (7.5 m). Slip in the snake or auger cable into the pipe until you feel the blockage. Crank the handle while pushing until the clog is cleared.

How to clean Sewers
Clogs along the sewer lines are a bit more complex than cleaning out drains on sinks and bathtubs. With sewers, you’ll have a tree root to consider. These roots will take whatever chance they can to gain access to a water source when exposed and your sewer pipeline is one of them.

  • Simple Clogs – Cable auger or snake used to clean sewer pipelines are similar with sink or toilet auger. The only difference is that it is longer, more power-assisted, and is usually mounted on a truck.
  • Strong Clogs – Using a high-pressure water jet that can deliver a pressure of 4,000 psi, it can no doubt scrape the inner linings of the pipe from mineral deposits and blockages along the way, including tree roots.

A Better Plumber recommends the following 3 tips to prevent Clogs
One of the best and most efficient ways in cleaning drains and sewers is by prevention. By simply being careful on what you put in these drains may save you some time, money, and effort.

  • Save leftover cooking grease in a container and dispose of it in the trash instead of pouring it out on your sink. They will solidify in cold temperatures and will cause slow drainage or even clogs.
  • Use a screen in all drainage openings to avoid hair and soap scum entering your pipeline. Most filters can just be simply laid in place.
  • Do not put in any debris (coffee grounds, meat and fish bones, baby wipes, cat litter, Band-Aids, rice, bottle caps, etc.) that might fill up your pipeline. It may be just bits of pieces but when piled up, it may mean a full clogging.

When all else fails, there is not much left to do but to call the professionals. Now here is the good news, in Leonardtown, MD, you need not worry about bad services or the lack of it. A Better Plumber can tackle any plumbing issue you may be experiencing.

When dealing with drain and sewer cleaning, it is always a good choice to educate yourself, even if it’s just the basics. Some business owners may be reliable, but some prey on the innocence of the elderly and the unknowing. They will charge them more than they have to, and may even persuade them to do other transactions that they don’t need. That being said, when you do need to contact a plumber or a plumbing agency, it is always a good idea to ask around the neighborhood for credibility. Remember, you can keep your plumbing nightmares to a minimum as long as you keep your sinks, bathtubs, or any other drainage openings in check.

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