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Replacing a Hot Water Heater in Maryland

Replacing a Hot Water Heater in Maryland

​Aren’t there times when your hot water heater leaves you in the cold after having installed one just to tackle the winter months? It can be very frustrating, especially if you’ve enjoyed hot water in summer (when you don’t really need it) and are reduced to using cold water in winter as your water heater refuses to supply hot water! Replacing a hot water heater in Maryland is not hard at all, but before doing so, do explore the possibilities of replacing some small parts that are malfunctioning.

The trouble is that most of us are confused when it comes to repair vs replace as there are times when repairs will do the trick, while a replacement is a better option sometimes. Thus the task is best left in the hands of skilled professionals- so call us in and let them decide whether to replace or repair.

Given the range of hot water heaters in Maryland- Storage, tankless, heat pump water heater, indirect water heaters, solar water heater’s- a long list that confuses more than elucidates- having professionals to help you choose a water heater if and when you need to replace one, is a good idea.

When to replace a hot water heater

  • Don’t wait for your water heater to fail before you replace it; generally these are good for about 10 -12 years. Like everything else ages, heaters, too, have their lifespan
  • If your water heater rumbles and makes noises while it’s working, you can be sure that it’s at the end of its life and needs to be replaced
  • Over time, sediments build up in the hot water tank and harden. That means the heater has to work harder to heat the water, so you will be using more electricity to do that. So watch your energy bills
  • Keep an eye out for small leaks- they are precursors to a bigger problem
  • Rusty pipes produce brown looking water- if this persists even after drawing a few buckets of water, the water heater has probably conked out. Replacing a hot water heater Maryland, is probably the best thing to do
  • Even after many repairs, if issues keep cropping up with the hot water heater, then it’s definitely time for a replacement

Learning and getting to understand how your hot water heater works will make things easier for you. Sometimes, you can take professional help and fix the issue on your own. What is more important is that you realize that with good maintenance, your hot water heater will keep going strong even beyond its lifespan.

Preventive maintenance
Do remember, however, that merely replacing a hot water heater is not going to solve the issue. Hot water heaters have to be installed correctly by the right people. The service providers should be licensed, insured, also have a background check done and be capable of maintaining any type of hot water heater. Whether it’s replacing a hot water heater in Maryland, carrying out repairs or installing a new one, professionals at A Better Plumber, LLC, can do a good job, any time, every time.

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