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Sump Pumps For Cellars

Most homes with cellars have a sump pump installed, but after years of disuse, it often becomes non functional or faulty. Hence, when the time comes to use it, it often fails to perform. It is a device that prevents disaster and is a simple system. However, if it fails, it can lead to damages that require repair work accounting to thousands of dollars. Often permanent damage to underlying structures also happens, to which homes need costly repairs as well as higher insurance premiums.

Work of sump pumps
Sump pumps are simple systems that work when there is water accumulation in your home basement or cellar. Often a sump pump can fail when there is a power outage, this is common in times of storms or floods due to the electricity supply being cut off and the pumps do not work. Many inexpensive sump pumps are too small and in the case of a rapid meltdown of snow or major flooding, they fail to work. If the pumps run too frequently they can also burn out.

Get expert help and backup
It is important that you get your primary pump checked out from time to time. At the same time you have a plumber over to inspect your water lines or pipe connections, it would be wise to ask them to check if the pump is working properly. They can check to ensure that the motor works and the pump will eject water as it is designed to do. In most cases an experienced plumber will advise a homeowner to have a sump pump backup installed. The backup system will help ensure that, in case the primary pump fails, the backup system will kick in and work to eject water. This is a better solution than having an additional pump ready for installation. Usually disasters strike middle of the night or when homeowners are away. At such a time primary pump failures will go unnoticed and damages would have already occurred.

Getting a backup system
At the time of purchasing a sump pump or a backup system you need to know the capacity of the pump itself. This is easy to determine through the GPH rating that is on the label or to check specifications on the website of the manufacturer as per the model you have. The new pump needs to be of the same capacity as the existing pump. If you are getting the help of an experienced plumber, they will be able to help you select the right model. In certain cases, one might find that the existing model is unable to keep off the incoming water flow. In such a case a model with higher GPH rating is recommended.

Getting the help of an experienced plumber is crucial in these matters. Not only will they be able to inspect the existing state of your sump pump, they will be able to advise on the right model of the backup system that you need to invest in. Give A Better Plumber a call at 301-278-8786 and we will come help you pick the best one for your home.

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