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Testing Well Pressure Switch

Testing Well Pressure Switch

A Better Plumber specializes in water quality issues, water filtration, irrigation pumps, and installation and service of well pumps. Among our agricultural, commercial and residential pump services are 24-hour emergency service, flow tests, water potability, easy estimates, free water mineral testing, and much more. We guarantee that your well pressure switch will be professionally tested and serviced. A Better Plumber is available to resolve all your water system services and needs. Our company provides service & installation on jet pumps, submersible well pumps, variable frequency drive controllers, water reservoir systems, water filtration, water softeners, irrigation pumps, trenching and well pressure switches. Many clients often call us about their well pump pressure switch. Well, the truth is that our experts understand the real deal about adjusting pressure switches. We will make sure that your pressure switch remains in a good condition.

On your water system, the pressure pump switch is responsible for the “On” and “Off” of your well pump. We can help you adjust your pressure pump switch without any difficulties. Switches often come with smaller and larger center springs. The function of the larger center spring is to help the cut-off and cut-on pressure. When the spring is turned clockwise, it will increase both the cut-off and cut-on pressure. The cut-off and cut-on pressure will be reduced when the spring is turned in the opposite direction. For an effective flow of pressure in your well pump, it is important to know how to adjust this switch. Our well-trained experts will help you adjust your pressure switch in a jiffy.

Another great service that we provide our customers is professional inspections. We will ensure that the power is turned off before attempting to repair or adjust your well pressure switch. We will make sure that the wire ports are sealed and while we are at it, our experts will clean the switch properly. The pump can be prevented from receiving proper amounts of power due to the accumulation of spider webs and bugs. We will make sure that the wiring connections of your pump will be tight and remain in good condition. The points located within the switch should be properly checked. When the points are disconnected, it may be impossible for power to flow into your pump. Our service will do everything to make your well pressure pump switch work perfectly, time and again.

If you are looking for more information about how to install and adjust your well pressure pump switch, simply give A Better Plumber a call now at 301-278-8786. Our technicians are ready and willing to provide you the best solution that lasts for a long time. We will ensure that you get cost-effective solutions that count.

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