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Understanding The Value Of A Sewer Inspection

Out of sight, out of mind, is not a wise choice when it comes to your home’s only sewer line. This single pipe is the only way that dirty water and sewage make its way from your drains and toilets to the city sewer system. And if your sewer line becomes damaged or clogged, that mess is going to end up in your yard or home. So think of a sewer line inspection as some very affordable insurance to avoid waking up to the odor of sewage waste backed up in your basement, shower, or floor drains.

Preventative Care For Your Home

Ideally, you will have your sewer line inspected once each year to avoid the catastrophe of a sewage backup. And during this annual inspection, your trusted plumber will be able to advise you of any issues that are brewing in your sewer pipe. This could be a small clog or blockage forming or tiny cracks that indicate a future flood in your yard. And the great news is that all of these small issues can be quickly and affordably fixed. But that is not the case when ignored and allowed to turn into a massive problem. You get a check-up each year from your doctor, so be sure that your sewer line gets its annual check-up as well. No one wants an unhealthy sewer line. 

Protect Your Investment

You have just bought a new home and are excited to be getting settled and making the place your own. But do you know the condition of the sewer line? Did the old owners take care not to flush foreign objects that could start a nasty clog? Will you soon wake up to find that your newly painted and decorated master bathroom is now the site of a nasty, smelly sewer line backup?

Before you have all of your personal items moved into your new home, the carpets cleaned, and maybe even new flooring installed, invest in a professional sewer line inspection. The process is very affordable and can save you a lot of money and a massive amount of frustration. A licensed plumber will use a tiny camera to inspect the entire sewer line for blockages, the start of a clog, or damage such as cracks or defects. Once the inspection is completed, you will know that there are no sewer related surprises in your future.

Diagnose An Issue

Have you noticed that your tub is not draining as fast as it once did? Are your sinks also slow to drain? You might even be having trouble getting your toilets to flush quickly and completely. All of these are signs that there is something wrong with the drain pipes or sewer pipe in your home. But the only way to know what the issue might be, and where it is located, is to call your trusted plumber for a drain and sewer line inspection.

Thanks to technology, these inspections are now very affordable and reliable. A tiny camera is inserted into the pipes to search for any clogs or damage that could be causing your issue. Once the problem is located, your plumber can even show it to you on the screen, so you know what is creating havoc in your drain system. In many cases, the solution is as simple as the diagnosis. A professional drain cleaning will safely blast away any clog or blockage in your drains and sewer pipe. This process uses only high-pressure water and is perfectly safe for the pipes while destroying the blockage.

Most homeowners never think about their sewer line until it is too late. Then they are faced with a flood of smelly, filthy water, and sewage in their home or yard. However, that can be avoided with a fast and easy sewer line inspection from the pros at A Better Plumber. Our team is here to assist you 24/7 with emergency service or to schedule preventive maintenance. Just call (301) 278-8786 to speak to a team member who can answer your questions and set your appointment. Remember, only small problems can be repaired for a small price. So make sure you find and address it while it is still affordable.

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