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Well Pump Pressure Switch Testing Will Help Troubleshooting Your Well Pump

​Having got a well and a well pump installed, you may think that you have satisfactorily addressed your water woes. This is what most Maryland residents also think. Well water happens to be the most popular means of water supply around here. However, it is only when the pump starts acting up, that you realize that all is not well, after all!

A well pump works on certain mechanisms. The pump itself can be of different types- jet pump, ejector pump, submersible pump, etc. The mechanism, as well as the functioning, is dependent on where the pump is installed. In shallow wells, mostly you will find jet pumps installed above the well. They are not as efficient as the submersible pumps found installed inside the wells.

However, all the pumps work on the principle of a pressure switch that turns it on or off. The water will then be pumped into the pressure tank from where it gets disbursed into the home plumbing system and into the various pipelines and faucets. For this reason, if the well pump pressure switch starts malfunctioning, it is trouble with a capital T; for you are left with no water or low water pressure etc. We are the solution to this problem, being well pump pressure switch testing experts in Maryland.

Detecting Well Pump Pressure Switch Issues
When the well pump pressure switch does not work properly, the pump starts behaving oddly. It may not come on; it comes on but won’t pump water properly; it won’t shut down; it keeps working with erratic noises and vibrations, etc. All these issues mean that the water supply to your residence is affected. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is time to think of us.

We are a licensed and reliable, well pump pressure switch testing plumbing service provider. We are well versed with all kinds of pumps and the issues they are susceptible to. Our technicians come with the necessary knowledge and expertise to efficiently detect any well pump issues, including that of the pressure switch. Once testing is done, the next steps can be taken to fix it based on the pressure switch test results.

How We Can Help
To detect a faulty switch, you need trained experts who can meddle with it to figure out if it is a minor problem or a major one. Our personnel will quickly do an on-the-spot inspection and provide you a free quote on the work to be completed. Wherever it is possible to keep the pump going, we advise only for minor repairs. However, if we find that the pump is far gone and that it would be better to replace it, then we suggest that.

The idea is to have a continuous water supply in an energy efficient manner, wherein your electric bill also does not pile up. Cranky pumps can do that. Once you call us, you can just sit back and leave the job to us. We will work on whatever needs to be done, including replacing the pump if necessary. After all, we are the well pump pressure switch testing experts in Maryland!

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