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What To Do When Your Water Bill Suddenly Skyrockets

 What To Do When Your Water Bill Suddenly Skyrockets

Most homeowners have a pretty good idea of their average water bill. And unless there is some big project going on that consumes water, like filling a swimming pool, the bills remain relatively consistent. But when you do get that first incredibly high water bill, it is essential that you do not overlook it as a clerical error and dismiss it. You can certainly call your provider to make sure that the bill amount is correct, but once it is verified, you need to take action quickly.

Why A Water Bill Suddenly Increases Substantially

The only reason for the amount of your water bill to unexpectedly double or triple is that your water use increased accordingly. And if you do not know why that would happen, then you are almost certainly dealing with a water leak in your home. And not only does it cost you money in the form of wasted water, but it could also be creating expensive water damage. And even promoting the growth of toxic black mold. The faster you have the leak located and repaired, the faster you can put a stop to water damage and additional expenses.

What To Look For

Your first indication was the large water bill. But that does not help you in locating the leak in your home. To do that, you should be looking for:

  • Water damage to your ceilings or walls- this could be discoloration or bubbles in the paint or drywall
  • Moisture or damp areas on the floor- this could appear as wet carpet, peeling laminate or moisture seeping through tile joints or seams in wood flooring
  • A musty smell in an area that never seemed to be musty or damp before is also a sign of a new water issue

All of these signs can help you locate a hidden leak that is concealed inside your walls, floors, or ceilings. But not all leaks will provide you with any of these clues to follow. So even if you don’t see these signs in your home after receiving a large water bill, call (301) 278-8786 immediately to schedule a visit from a A Better Plumber leak detection specialist.

Leaks That You Will Never Find

While many leaks in your home leave telltale signs like visible water damage or a musty odor, not all leaks provide these hints. If the leak is located under the slab foundation of your home, then you might have no indication that there is an issue. Other than your unexpectedly large water bill. The only way to locate and repair a slab leak is to call in the pros who can trace the leak, even under solid concrete, and get it fixed.

When Water Leaks Are Ignored

You might think that a tiny drip of water is not a big deal. Or that you can put off the repair until your budget permits the expense. But the longer you wait to call (301) 278-8786, the larger the repair bill will become. In addition, you could be experiencing some other costly bills. The continued water damage to your home is going to be expensive to repair. But the more significant hazard is the potential for health issues related to the growth of toxic black mold. This very invasive contaminant is often the cause of unexpected and unexplainable respiratory problems and other health issues. And the only way to eliminate the potential of mold growth is to quickly locate and repair any hidden water leaks in your home.

The Science Of Leak Detection

Leak detection has improved a great deal in the last decade. No longer do plumbers tear through your home with hammers and saws opening up walls and floods to locate a hidden leak. The latest sound amplification tools allow skilled plumbers to listen for the sound of moving water in your walls, floors, and even under the concrete foundation of your home. Our crew is so skilled with these tools that they can pinpoint the leak and eliminate the need for massive destruction throughout your home.

Our search process is non-invasive. So it is much faster and cost-effective than many other plumbers in the area. And once we locate the leak, we will provide you with a complete cost quote for the needed repairs. There are no hidden fees, and all of our work is warrantied for both parts and labor.

When you get a huge water bill, never forget it is a warning that water could be causing severe damage to your home and even posing a health risk. Fast action is the best way for you to limit the amount of water damage and the cost of repairs. Call (301) 278-8786 as soon as you think you have a leak in your home, and we will get you the answers you need quickly and affordably.

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