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5 Plumbing Maintenance Tips to Reduce Repair Expenses and Utility Bills

Your plumbing can develop faults at the most unexpected times. The best way to avoid expensive repairs is to take care of your plumbing system. Use these five maintenance tips to keep your plumbing efficient throughout the year.

1. Fix Leaks as Soon as Possible

Statistics suggest that water leaks are responsible for approximately 1 trillion gallons of water wasted in the U.S. annually. By addressing water leaks, you’ll be protecting the environment while reducing the risk of water damage in your home.

We suggest fixing the leak as soon as you spot it. You should check for leakages under the sink, on exposed pipes, and in crawlspaces. It is worth noting that leaks often occur around joints and pipe interconnections. Examine the connections around your water appliances.

If you can’t find leaks, look for signs of deterioration, such as corrosion. Sometimes the leak is a connection issue that you can fix by tightening the connection. Otherwise, you should call a plumber for an inspection.

2. Prevent Tree Root Infiltration

Tree root infiltration is one of the most common plumbing problems that frustrate many homeowners. The roots from nearby plants can burst into the pipe and cause leakages.

Some of the signs of tree root infiltration include sinkholes and green patches in your yard. Root clogs may also cause slow drains. Tree root infiltration in your drains can be complicated to fix. Since roots grow fastest during the warm season, you should address pipe blockages in spring.

3. Consider Softening the Water

In Waldorf, MD, the water hardness level can be as high as 185 PPM, which is considered to be very hard. Hard water can have far-reaching implications for your plumbing system.

The minerals in hard water can cause clogging by accumulating inside the pipe. Deposits of scale can insulate components in your water heater, forcing it to overwork.

We recommend softening the water to extend the lifespan of your water heater and plumbing system in Waldorf. You can choose from a wide range of water filtration systems that fit your needs.

4. Protect Your Pipes With Insulation

Insulating components of your plumbing system can prevent expensive repairs during the snowy winters in Waldorf. Check if the pipes in unconditioned spaces have adequate insulation. Insulation materials can deteriorate with time.

Insulation prevents the pipes from bursting when temperatures drop below freezing. It also reduces heat losses from your water heating appliances. Insulation can reduce your utility bills and the risk of frequent water heater repairs.

5. Avoid Using Chemical Cleaners to Clean Blockages

It may be tempting to use chemical cleaners when you encounter pipe blockages. But chemical cleaners often damage the pipe’s lining. They can also release dangerous fumes, placing your family at risk.

Consider using a plumber’s auger to remove soft clogs. Make a point of scheduling periodic drain cleaning to reduce instances of drain clogs.

When you encounter a plumbing problem, call a plumber to examine it. Some faults may appear inconsequential, but they can be signs of a developing issue. Call A Better Plumber for top-notch plumbing services in Waldorf.

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