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Enhancing the Performance of Your Water Heater

It’s easy to take hot water for granted. Your water heater goes through a lot in order to give you the hot water you need. To help it work more efficiently, follow the tips described below.

Reduce Hot Water Consumption

The most basic way to keep your water heater working well is to reduce the demands placed on it. A lot of hot water is needed for long showers, baths, multiple dishwasher cycles, and several laundry loads each week. Try to cut down on hot water consumption by using the cold, cool, or warm settings instead of the hot setting on your washing machine, take shorter showers and fewer baths, and only run full dishwasher loads. Consider replacing your fixtures with energy-efficient ones that can reduce your water usage. Putting in a new showerhead, for example, can help you save gallons of water each day.

Insulate Your Hot Water Pipes

Hot water has to travel some distance before being delivered to you, and it can lose some heat in the process. If you insulate your hot water pipes, you can reduce heat loss. In addition, old water heaters might benefit from being insulated with heavy blankets designed for this specific purpose. Keep in mind that you may need to keep vents open, so follow the instructions that come with any blanket you purchase. Newer units typically don’t need to be covered since they have better-insulated tanks.

Flush Your Tank

Sediment can build up in a hot water tank, making it harder for your system to heat the water. This is why it’s a good idea to periodically flush your hot water tank. This will remove sediment that might be interfering with the heating process. Many people flush their water heaters on their own, making sure that water has a safe place to drain. If you need assistance, rest assured that this is a task that many companies offer as part of their regular water heater maintenance services.

Turn Down the Thermostat

Most people don’t need water that’s hotter than 120 degrees. Water that’s too hot could potentially scald people in your household, and it requires your water heater to work overtime. To keep things running more efficiently, turn down the thermostat. You probably won’t notice a difference when taking a shower, but you might start to see lower utility bills.

Look Out for Your Water Heater

To help your water heater continue to perform at a high level and keep up with your needs, consider making a few changes to your routine. Insulating your pipes, flushing the system, and using less hot water can result in greater efficiency, better performance, and fewer issues related to wear and tear. For assistance with water heater maintenance in Waldorf, MD, call A Better Plumber.

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