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Plumber unclogging a tub drain

Preventing Drain Issues the Easy Way

Drain issues can be quite problematic. They range in severity, from being a minor inconvenience to a massive issue. Preventing them in the first place, such as with the following tips, can save you a huge amount of stress you don’t need and money you want to keep.

Use a Kitchen Sink Drain Strainer

A kitchen sink drain strainer is incredibly useful for keeping large pieces of food out of your drains, such as pieces of chopped vegetables. The strainers are affordable, and they can save you a decent amount of money in the long term by preventing costly clogs.

Keep the Bathroom Drain Stopper Closed

Many people don’t keep the drain stopper closed in the bathroom sink, but it’s a fantastic way to prevent items from inadvertently going down your drain. For instance, let us say you take your ring off before you wash your hands. Make it a habit of closing the stopper, and if your ring accidentally falls into the sink, it will stop before it goes out of reach. Sure, you’ll open the trap to get it out, but it will still be a huge hassle.

Other items, such as eyeliner caps and elastic hair ties, could also accidentally fall down the drain and build into a clog since you’re less likely to open the trap to get them out. Keep the drain stopper closed, and you’ll be able to avoid a variety of problems.

Don’t Put Grease Down Your Kitchen Sink

Whether it’s intentional or unintentional, never put grease down your kitchen sink. Put it in a sealable container (i.e. an empty metal coffee can) and toss it into your garbage can once it cools.

Use a Disposable Shower Hair Catcher for Pet Fur

Disposable shower hair catchers are great for when you need to wash your fur baby in the shower, especially if they have long hair. Typically, these disposable catchers are a peel-and-stick option that allows you to easily remove it when done.

Be Kind to Your Toilet

Being kinder to your toilet can prevent many issues. For instance, avoid flushing items, such as flushable wipes. Toilet paper is the only product that you should be flushing.

Also, it’s important to use the best toilet paper for your particular system. Your plumber can advise which is ideal for your household. Generally speaking, 1-ply toilet paper or toilet paper made from recycled paper will be gentler on your system.

You also want to be careful what cleaners you’re using for your toilet. Many can cause significant issues for your pipes.

It may seem like a hassle to take extra steps to protect your drains, but you’ll be happy you did when they encounter fewer issues. Contact A Better Plumber in Waldorf, MD, today if it’s been a while since your drains have had a good cleaning, and you want to continue to keep them in excellent shape.

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