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Where to Look for Leaks in Your Home

Waldorf, MD has mild temperatures in the warmer months but can experience freezing temperatures in the winter. As soon as the temperature drops, you risk the pipes in your home freezing. Once they thaw, they can leak gallons of water into your home. It’s easy to see some of the places where you might have a water leak no matter the season.


When you see water around your toilet, you might think that the bowl overflowed. That water can also be a sign of an issue with the tank or the seal, especially if you dry the floor and find water a few hours later.

Hot Water Heater

When winter temperatures hit the mid-forties in Waldorf, you’ll love hopping in a hot shower. Your hot water heater can develop leaks due to worn-down pipes and freezing temperatures. Many tanks develop leaks within 10 to 15 years. You may hear hissing noises coming from inside the tank or notice that you have poor water pressure when it leaks.


Your shower can leak water when you turn it on because of poor caulking around the sides. There is also a risk that the pipes in the wall leading to the shower will leak. Though you can’t see those leaks, they often leave behind water stains on the wall.


As the temperature in Waldorf changes, your home will go through the freeze and thaw cycle. Even if you turn up the heat, it can be cold enough in your home that your water supply lines freeze. Those lines often develop cracks and holes as they thaw, which causes leaks to form.

Sump Pump

Many homes in Waldorf have basements that rely on sump pumps. These pumps are common in unfinished basements as they keep water from building up in those spaces. As long as you have power, you can trust the pump to keep your basement dry. When the sump pump fails, expect to see some water. You may also find that the pump leaks more water into your basement than it removes.

Water Pipes

Another spot where you might find leaks is among your hidden water pipes. Depending on the type of foundation you have, you will have water pipes running under your home or in the ground and through your walls. Though some leaks are large enough that you can hear them, others are so minor that you need leak detection to find them. Even a small leak will result in a lot of wasted water.

A Better Plumber offers all of the services that people in Waldorf, MD need. You can trust us to find hidden leaks that you cannot find and determine the best way to fix the leaks you see. Call today if you need help with a leak anywhere in your home.

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