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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Repair Your Own Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are relatively complicated appliances, and a lot can go wrong with them. If you’re dumping grease or potato skins down the disposal, you’ll likely have constant problems with clogging. In addition, garbage disposals comprise several components, so it’s easy for issues to arise even when you’re careful. While you may be tempted to repair the unit yourself, it isn’t a good idea. Here are four reasons to avoid repairing your own garbage disposal in Waldorf, MD.

1. You Risk Making the Problem Worse

Garbage disposals are particularly tricky to fix simply because you have to feel what you’re doing rather than see what you’re touching. This means you’re literally working in the dark, so you can’t tell if a component is disconnected, broken, or worn down due to years of use. Plumbers often use cameras for pipes and garbage disposals so that they can see what the problem is. At A Better Plumber, our plumbers come with years of experience, so your repair job will be handled professionally and efficiently.

2. You Don’t Have the Right Tools

When you try to repair your own garbage disposal, you may use the tools you have handy — anything in your house, really. However, these tools often aren’t the right ones, and they can damage the appliance. Worse, if you have a leak somewhere, you’ll need a professional plumber to identify its source. Fortunately, Waldorf is a small community, so if you do have a leak in your gasket or drainpipe, a plumber should be able to reach you quickly.

3. You May Make the Wrong Diagnosis

If you do manage to repair your garbage disposal, you may think the problem was minor. However, an experienced plumber may see the issue as a sign of something more serious. For example, you may have worn-out parts that you need to replace, or you may need to install a new garbage disposal. There may also be an issue with the wiring. You may even have a crack that you aren’t aware of. These are details that only an experienced plumber can tell you after inspecting your unit. Fortunately, we offer garbage disposal repair.

4. You May Hurt Your Hands

A garbage disposal grinds food down to a pulp, and if you’re not careful, it may cut up your hand as you’re trying to fix it. It goes without saying that this appliance should be turned off while your hands are down there. However, if the switch accidentally flips on, you may be looking at a very serious injury that requires a visit to the hospital.

At A Better Plumber, our motto is “Better Service, Better Quality, Better Price.” We offer top-notch plumbing services in Waldorf and throughout Maryland and Greater Washington, DC. We’re also happy to provide maintenance tips on how to take care of your garbage disposal so that it gives you years of solid service. Need your garbage disposal repaired? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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