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Plumber Cleaning Clogged Pipes

Avoid Kitchen and Bathroom Drain Problems This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here, and you’ve got a ton of things to do to get your home ready for family and friends to come over for a visit.

Of course, you want everything to go smoothly. But don’t forget that “everything” should also include your home’s plumbing system.

The last thing you want is for your kitchen sink to clog up as you’re preparing Thanksgiving dinner or for your toilet to overflow on Christmas Eve when house guests are spending the night. Here are some tips to make sure drain problems don’t ruin your holiday plans.

Keep Hair and Soap Scum Out of Your Bathroom Drains

Let’s start with the bathrooms. Bathroom drains get clogged very easily in many households due to the amount of hair, toothpaste, and soap scum that goes into them. Preventing clogs in your shower and bathroom sink is actually easier than you think.

Get into the practice of reaching down and grabbing any visible hair and soap collecting on the shower drain along with any stray hairs you spot on the shower walls and floor. It only takes five seconds and can prevent those clogs and slow drains.

Use a mesh cover over your drains to catch hairs in your bathtub drain automatically. Then just clean that out once or twice a week as needed.

Don’t Dump Grease and Food Scraps Into Kitchen Sink

Your garbage disposal does a great job of grinding up food scraps that go down your kitchen sink drain. But all that solid waste can still cause drain clogs further down in your pipes. Dump food scraps and vegetable peels into the compost or trash can.

The same goes for leftover oils and grease in your pots and pans. Save empty disposable jars to dump your oil.

Used coffee grounds should also go into your compost or trash and not your kitchen sink.

Clean and Flush Drains Regularly

Calling in the pros for professional drain cleaning once or twice a year is a great idea. But you also have some DIY options available if you prefer to do it yourself.

First, avoid chemical drain cleaners or only use them sparingly. They contain harsh chemicals that can damage your skin, clothes, eyes, and face. They can even damage your plumbing when used too often.

Instead, opt for non-chemical liquid clog removers that contain enzymes and microbials.

You can also get surprisingly good results by simply pouring piping hot water down your kitchen and bathroom sink drains a couple times a month.

Only Flush Toilet-Safe Materials

Toilets get clogged up all the time because folks use them to dispose of paper towels, wipes, and other sanitary products. The occasional plastic toy might also make its way into your toilet if you’ve got some curious kiddos in the house.

Keep an eye on kids still learning to use the toilet, and make sure you never flush anything but toilet paper or products labeled “flushable” down your toilet.

Be Ready to Call for Emergency Plumbing

If you get a clogged or overflowing toilet during your holiday family gathering, you might have a hard time finding the name and number of a plumber when the panic sets in. Keep our phone number taped right to your fridge or near your phone ahead of time in case of plumbing emergencies.

Don’t let drain problems disrupt your holiday. Follow these simple tips, and contact A Better Plumber today for drain cleaning services for your home in Waldorf, MD.

Contact our licensed professionals today to schedule a service appointment. (301) 278-8786

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