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Why Summer Is Prime Time for Detecting Leaks

Many homeowners tackle critical household maintenance tasks during summer, and this includes addressing water leaks. Summer is prime time for finding and fixing leaks for several reasons.

Increased Water Usage

Water usage increases exponentially during the summer due to gardening, filling pools, and frequent bathing. If you have water leaks, these may either worsen or become more noticeable. For instance, water leaking from a hose bib or bathroom faucet can progress from a slight drip to a steadier stream. Finding and fixing these leaks early on can help you save on your water bill and prevent water waste.

Dry Weather Conditions

During other seasons, there is typically more rain and moisture. This weather can obscure the presence of leaks and make them less noticeable. The dry conditions during summer will make leaks much easier to detect. Homeowners will have an easier time noticing unusual wet spots in their yards, which may indicate that there is a leak in an underground pipe.

Thermal Expansion of Pipes

Heat causes materials to expand, and this is also true for your home plumbing. The summer temperatures will cause your pipes to expand dramatically, and then they will contract when temperatures decrease at night. This will either create new leaks or exacerbate weaknesses that are already present. Check the joints or connections in your pipes to see if water leaks through them.

Better Visibility

Summer not only brings better weather, but there are also more daylight hours. Both homeowners and professionals benefit from this extra light as it improves visibility and makes spotting problems easier. Plus, they do not have to contend with harsh weather, which can be a hindrance.

Practical Steps for Detecting Leaks

Monitor your water bills. A sudden increase in utility costs can signify you have a leak, especially if your usage patterns have not changed.

You can also check your water meter within a two-hour period when there is no water usage taking place. If the numbers change, this is a strong indicator of a leak.

Check all indoor and outdoor faucets. Turn the knobs tight, and see if water drips from them.

Put a few drops of food coloring into the water in your toilet’s tank, and let it sit. If you see any color in the bowl after 30 minutes have passed, there is a leak.

If you have irrigation systems, check them for leaks. You should do this before and after the summer season.

A professional inspection is also beneficial. Not all leaks can be detected without special technology, especially if they are of the silent variety. Silent leaks can go undetected for extended periods, and you will only notice them once there is severe damage. For leak detection services in Waldorf, MD, contact A Better Plumber straight away.

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