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5 Reasons to Schedule a Professional Leak Detection

Most homeowners are aware of the importance of their homes Plumbing, but sometimes only after something has gone wrong and they need to fix it. Plumbing Leaks are no exception. One day your water is running fine, then the next thing you know your water bill has spiked, your water pressure is lower, or you have some serious mold or water damage. While most water leaks, if found early, aren’t so disastrous. It is important to have them addressed and taken care of early so that they do not grow into something greater. Leaks are often not discoverable unless looked for, and without the proper experience or equipment you may have a hard time finding leaks. So leave it to the pros, here are 5 Reasons to Schedule a Professional Leak Detection:

Save Money

We all know the feeling of when it’s time to pay our water bill. What happens when your bill has unexpectedly spiked? More importantly how will you begin to understand why you now owe so much more? When a pipe leaks underneath your home its not just wasting water, its also wasting your money. Some water leaks are hard to notice unless you understand precisely how to locate, measure, and detect signs of a leak. Then on top of that go into your floor, or foundation to fix it. Best to call A Better Plumber for help on saving your money.

Reduce Safety Risks

Water Leaks aren’t just a liability to your wallet. There can be adverse health and safety effects on your home and body. When a water pipe springs a leak, it has now become susceptible to all contaminates surrounding the pipe. Allowing bacteria into your drinking and bathing water, and increasing risk of disease or illness. If you suspect a change in the quality of your water you might think to call a professional.

Environmental Benefit

If you are environmentally friendly or are concerned about the idea that your home or business is wasting water then you should call now to schedule a Leak Detection. With an increasing demand on our countries water reservoirs, and the increased melt of ice packs, it’s no help to be wasting water unnecessarily. Do your wallet a favor and take part in making your homes water usage as efficient as possible.

Avoid Property Damage

Additionally if you are to develop a crack, and the pipe happens to pass sewage through it. This can be a risky issue as well. A pipe that is leaking raw sewage into your home can cause a mess, mold, and irreversible property damage. Did I mention disease? If you notice an odd smell or odor call A Better Plumber right away. (301) 278-8786

While there are many reasons for why you might start thinking about Leak detection. It’s better to start sooner than later on the maintenance of your home’s plumbing system. Last thing you would want is for a pipe to burst because a small crack was not discovered. There are also many signs that would indicate a leak in your home’s pipes. Water Damage or Water Saturating at the base of your walls or bathrooms is one. Foul odors and other odd smells are another. If you happened to go and turn on your sink or shower and notice the water pressure is considerably lower than normal. This could be a sign that there is a significant amount of water leaking. So whether or not you need a reason or are waiting for a reason to call and schedule professional Leak Detection. It is best to call sooner, before it’s too late.

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