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What Is A Plumbing Emergency?

We have all experienced plumbing issues from time to time. And while they are all annoying and often inconvenient, it is essential to know which of these issues should be considered an emergency. These are the plumbing problems that can cause some massive and expensive water damage to your home if they are not corrected immediately.

You might be worried about paying an exceptionally high rate for emergency service. But when you call (301) 278-8786, a licensed A Better Plumber pro will arrive quickly, and you will find that our rates are always very reasonable. Remember, the sooner you call in the pros to fix these emergency issues, the more cost-effective the repair. And in almost every case, a fast call helps to eliminate some very expensive water damage repair costs.

Slab Leaks

If your home is built on a concrete slab foundation, then there could be a pipe leaking under that concrete. These leaks are called slab leaks, and they can be challenging to locate and repair. And if left unrepaired, they can undermine the foundation of your home and cause massive structural damage. Signs of a slab leak include moisture seeping up through your concrete floors, moist cracks in the concrete flooring, the sound of water running under the concrete flooring, or an unusually high water bill.

As soon as you even think you might have a leak under your home’s foundation, call in the pros at A Better Plumber for leak detection service. Our team used the latest in leak detection technology to find leaks without destroying your walls and floors. This fast and non-invasive process eliminates a substantial amount of the cost of the repair and the potential for additional damage before the leak is located.

Running Toilet

Over a third of all water used inside your home is consumed by your toilet. And that is when it is working correctly. Imagine how much water is wasted when your toilet is continually running and wasting water all day and night? And then think about what all of that wasted water is costing you. An emergency visit from the pros at A Better Plumber is a very cost-effective option to stop wasting water and your hard-earned money. Just call (301) 278-8786 and know that we will have your toilet fixed quickly and affordably.

A Crazy Spraying Faucet

Nothing is worse than turning on a faucet only to have water spray everywhere. It makes a huge mess and is also a waste of water. And you can’t live without a functioning faucet. The simple and cost-effective solution is a fast call to the plumbing pros at A Better Plumber. The leak could be due to a damaged aerator on the faucet or even damage to the fixture itself. But an immediate repair prevents any water from running down into your walls and cabinetry, where it will promote the growth of toxic black mold and cause water damage.

A Clogged Sink

You rely on your sink drains multiple times every day. And when you have a clogged drain, it is only a matter of time until you have water damage to your cabinetry, walls, and floors from an overflow. But never take things into your own hands and try to remove the clog with a bottle of chemical drain cleaner. Those caustic products are nothing but toxic acid that will create noxious fumes and can damage your drain pipes.

The only real solution for a clogged drain is a professional drain cleaning. At A Better Plumber, our team uses only very high-pressure water to blast away the clog and any residue that is built up inside your drain pipes. Our professional process cleans every inch of your drains and eliminates the potential for new clogs to form.

Not every plumbing problem is an emergency. But when you are facing any of these potentially damaging issues, a call for emergency service is your best choice. At A Better Plumber, our team is available 24/7. So you never need to worry about water damage, contamination, or other issues due to a clogged sink drain, slab leak under your home, a running toilet, or a leaking faucet. Just call (301) 278-8786 and know that we will have the problem corrected quickly and affordably.  

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