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Beware Of Liquid Drain Cleaners

When you discover that one of the drains in your  home is clogged or slow to clear, you might not want to call a plumber. It is easy to be tempted to save a few dollars by using a jug of chemical drain cleaner to fix the problem yourself. But what you are not thinking about are all of the issues that you could be creating by dumping caustic chemicals into your drain. Here are a few things to consider before you decide that calling a professional plumber for a drain clog is not a good investment.

The Safety Of Your Pipes

Most chemical drain cleaners rely on chemical reactions and hydrochloric acid to eat away at a clog. And both of those generate heat, which can melt your plastic drain pipes. Unfortunately, most clogs are able to withstand the heat better than your drain pipes. So while the clog remains intact, the pipes begin to melt and create costly leaks. Metal pipes are able to withstand more heat than PVC or other plastics. However, the metal can still start to corrode and leak after prolonged exposure to caustic chemicals.

Your Own Health And Safety

If you read the fine print on many chemical drain cleaners, you would never consider purchasing them or using them inside your home. They recommend using the cleaner only in a well-ventilated space. They warn against breathing the fumes or allowing the liquid to come into contact with your skin. This is because the chemical fumes will burn you’re your lungs as quickly as the liquid will burn your skin. Somewhere on the label, you will even find instructions for flushing your skin or eyes in the event that you splash the liquid on yourself.

And when you are thinking about your health, don’t forget to think about your loved ones’ health. The fumes from chemical drain cleaners can linger in your home for days after use and cause allergic reactions and breathing issues. And those reactions are not limited to just your human loved ones. Domestic pets can also become very ill when exposed to the fumes from chemical drain cleaners.

A Waste Of Money

Sadly, even if you are willing to risk your drain pipes’ safety and your own health, chemical drain cleaners have an abysmal track record. In most cases, the liquid does little or nothing to remove the clog. And you still end up calling in a professional plumber. In the best case, a drain cleaner will remove part of the clog and allow some water to flow through the drain pipe. But only a professional drain cleaning is guaranteed to remove all partial and complete drain clogs as well as the residue that causes clogs.

The Magic Of Professional Drain Cleaning

To be completely honest, there is no magic involved in a professional drain cleaning. The process uses only very high-pressure clear water to blast away clogs from inside your home’s drain pipes. The water jet removes all of the nasty residue built up on the inside of all of your drains. This helps to eliminate future clogs and the rank odor that can come from a dirty drain.

We Know That It Works

We are so sure that our professional drain cleaning will do the trick that we provide a complete warranty on our work. That means that if you have an issue in a week or a month because of a drain clog, we come back and remove it for free. But let’s be honest, we can’t afford to remove clogs for free. So that is how you know that our professional drain cleaning will clean every inch of your drains and eliminate current and future clogs.

So the next time you notice a drain in your  home that is slow to clear or is making an odd gurgling sound, don’t waste your money on a chemical drain cleaner. Call (301) 278-8786 and schedule a professional drain cleaning from A Better Plumber. We offer immediate emergency service 24/7 and same-day appointments, so you never need to worry about a drain flooding your home. And our drain cleaning comes with a complete guarantee so you won’t need to worry about future clogs either. Our solution is safe for you and your pipes, affordable, and guaranteed to work. It’s not magic, but it is pretty close to it.

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