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Applying Smart Technology To Your City Home’s Water Heater

Most homeowners have no idea how often they rely on their water heater for hot water each day. But try to live for a few days with no hot water in your home, and you begin to appreciate the thankless job of your water heater. Bathing, washing dishes, laundry, and cleaning are all easier, thanks to the hot water supply in your house. But as with every modern convenience, there is a price that you must pay. And in this case, it is for either gas or electricity to power your water heater. But did you know that there are now many smart technology applications that can help you save energy and lower the cost of your hot water?

What Is A Smart Water Heater?

You might think that all water heaters must be smart because they provide hot water when you want it. But that is not the case. Traditional water heaters only accomplish this task by keeping hot water in a holding tank 24/7, which is not smart nor cost-effective. But with a Wi-Fi-connected water heater, you will finally have control over when your water heater is using energy and when it is at rest.

Increased Energy-Efficiency

Having your water heater connected to the Internet is not going to make it heat water any more efficiently. But it will allow you to determine when it is operating and when it is turned off. With a standard water heater, the unit is continually heating and maintaining a large holding tank of hot water. 

Think of all the hours that you are away from home or simply not using hot water. That is sure to be a more significant part of each day than the hours when you are using hot water. Now consider all of the money your water heater is literally burning up to heat water when you are not going to use it.

But what if you could open an app on your phone or tablet and turn off your water heater when you leave the house. Or maybe you program a command on your home automation system to turn off the water heater when you leave. Both of these will save you a significant amount of energy and money. Then simply turn the unit back on via the web when you are on the way home and might want to use hot water. 

Smart Water Heaters Can Learn

Most households operate on a fairly predictable cycle or pattern. Your smart water heater can learn your habits and patterns to provide you with hot water more efficiently. It will discover when you are taking a shower, how hot you like the water, and how much water you are using to bathe. All of these will help reduce your hot water cost while still meeting your needs completely. And if your schedule changes for a day or two, you can override the units learned process from the app on your phone or tablet. 

Built-In Safety

Have you ever come home to a flood of hot water in your home? If you have, then you know that most water heaters leak as they get older. And eventually, that leak becomes a severe rupture. Not only are you left with no hot water until the unit is replaced, but you also have to deal with the water damage that the leak created. But all of that can be avoided by installing a smart water heater.

Built-in leak detection is one of the essential tools smart water heaters offer. The unit will send you a notification when there is a leak as small as a single drop of water. And some water heaters even provide a feature that will contact A Better Plumber for you to schedule an emergency service appointment

Life is very hectic for most homeowners. Having appliances and features in their home to assist with maintenance and monitoring is extremely helpful. So why would you not elect to install a water heater that will help you save money and energy, while also monitoring for water leaks that could cause expensive water damage to your home?

To learn more about installing a smart water heater in your home, call (301) 278-8786 to speak to a smart water heater specialist at A Better Plumber. We offer free in-home price estimates and back all of our work with a complete warranty and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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