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Can I Remove Tree Roots From My Sewer Line With Rock Salt?

Trees are amazing plants that have almost human-like abilities. For example, tree roots can sense water or moisture and actually grow in the direction of that water. And while this might sound really cool in an abstract way, it is an image that has created many nightmares for homeowners across the country. Even the smallest crack in your home’s sewer line is enough to attract the attention of vigorously growing tree roots, And once the root locates the leaking pipe, it quickly invades the pipe to form a nasty blockage.

In addition to growing inside a sewer pipe, tree roots can grow around the pipe. And over time, the roots will begin to crush the entire pipe. The result is a nasty swamp of raw sewage in your yard. And an equally offensive backup of sewage in your home if the issue is not corrected very quickly.

The Rock Salt Solution- Friend Or Foe?

If you paid attention in high school science call, then you know that rock salt will, in fact, kill tree roots. But if you try to wash a bunch of crystalline rock salt down your sewer line, it is likely to add to your clog issues and do more damage than good. If you think that creating a water and rock salt solution is a better idea, think again. The solution will flow past the root blockage without doing any damage to the tree or the root system.

However, as a side note, the rock salt and water solution is a viable step for preventing the growth of tree roots into your sewer line. But unless you are taking proactive action to avoid tree roots, rock salt is not going to help you in a timely manner.

Foaming Root Killers

There are some foaming root killers on the market that use chemicals suspended in foam to poison the tree roots. However, these products work very slowly to kill the roots and then flush them out of the pipe. So it could take months for a root to be eliminated. And in the meantime, it is very possible that the pipe will crack or burst, resulting in a mess in your yard, home, or both.

DIY Is Not The Answer

Tree root invasions in your home’s sewer line are not a place to practice your DIY skills. These issues can have some dire and expensive consequences if you are unsuccessful in clearing the sewer line. And the process is far from simple. Because your home has only one sewer line connecting all of your drains and toilets to the city sewer system, it is always best to leave tree root invasions and other sewer line issues to the professionals.

Professional Options

When you call in the licensed plumbers from A Better Plumber, we offer many solutions that are far better than rock salt or foaming chemicals. For sewer line blockages and clogs, we use only very high-pressure water jets to blast away any tree roots or other debris inside your sewer line. Then we can begin the process of accessing the damage and providing you with a complete cost estimate for repairing your sewer line.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

In the old days, a sewer line repair started with hours of digging to expose the pipe’s damaged section. However, modern technology has made the process much less destructive. Our team uses a trenchless method that allows us to insert a liner into the damaged section of the pipe. The liner, coated with an epoxy resin, is then inflated and allowed to cure to the inside of the damaged pipe. After the curing process is completed, about a day or less, you have a perfectly functional sewer line. And there is far less damage to your yard.

Tree root invasions into your sewer line are very serious. They can result in a massive amount of water damage and contamination to your home. Instead of taking matters into your own hands, trust the professionals at A Better Plumber who have been fixing sewer line issues for years. Our no-obligation price quote, complete warranty, and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee mean that there are no surprises when the job is done. Call us at (301) 278-8786 as soon as you notice an issue with your sewer line. And if your DIY fix has failed, we offer same day and immediate emergency appointments to fix any problem that cannot wait.

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