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Common Causes Of Poor Water Pressure And Possible Solutions

Poor water pressure in your home is very annoying. But often, finding the cause of that reduced pressure is even more annoying. There are many reasons that you could be noticing a drop in your water pressure when showering or even washing dishes or filling a cooking pot. If the issue is confined to one area of your home, it can be easier to narrow down the cause of the problem. But when your entire house is suffering from decreased water pressure, the problem could be more serious.Some of the most common reasons for low water pressure throughout your home include:

Issue With The Water Meter Or Shut Off Valve

The water meter and shut off valves to your home can be the cause of low water pressure. If a shut-off valve is not completely open, you will notice a significant drop in water pressure. If you have recently turned these valves off for any reason, then noticed a drop in water pressure, make sure the valves are completely open. The valves on your water meter could also be the culprit if they were recently closed. It is possible that your municipality could have been inspecting the meter without you even being aware of their visit, so be sure to carefully check both sets of valves.

Failing Pressure Regulator

Pressure regulators are installed in areas with very high water pressure. Excessive water pressure can damage the pipes and fittings in your home, so a pressure regulator is installed as a protective measure. But when the regulator begins to wear out, the setting can fluctuate and further restrict your water pressure. A call to (301) 278-8786 to schedule an appointment with a licensed plumber from A Better Plumber is the best way to know that your pressure regulator is functioning correctly. And that it is protecting your home without creating a low-pressure issue.

Old Pipes

Over time, old galvanized pipes become corroded with a mineral buildup that restricts the flow of water throughout your home. And while this low-pressure issue is annoying, it is just the beginning of your problems. Soon, you will notice multiple water leaks because the corrosion is eating through the entire pipe. A pipe inspection from a licensed plumber is the best way to know how old your plumbing pipes are, and if they are nearing or past their life expectancy. While repiping your home is a significant investment, it will eliminate the potential for expensive water damage repair bills on top of the cost of repiping.

Peak Usage

You might not be thinking about the time of day that you are jumping into the shower, but it can have a lot to do with your home’s water pressure. In many areas, peak usage in the neighborhood will impact the water pressure in every home. Early morning and late in the evening are peak times for showering. If you have changed your schedule or routine and notices lower water pressure, consider showering at a different time to determine if peak usage timing is to blame for your low water pressure.

Leaking Pipes

If there are leaks in your home’s plumbing, it makes sense that your water pressure would be lower. And you might not notice the leaks if they are in floors, walls, or under the slab foundation of your home. To determine if you have a hidden leak in your home, call (301) 278-8786 to schedule an appointment with a leak detection specialist from A Better Plumber. Our team uses the latest in leak detection technology to locate leaks in a non-invasive manner.

Possible Solutions

In the perfect world, checking a shut-off valve and opening it completely will fix your home’s low water pressure. Or you might determine that you should alter your schedule to avoid showering during the high demand times in your neighborhood. But it is always a good idea to rule out more serious issues such as old, corroded pipes or hidden water leaks.

While no one looks forward to the expense of repiping their home, the benefits are worthwhile. You will enjoy increased water pressure, eliminate the potential for costly water damage from leaking pipes, and find that your water quality has improved. All of these make it a little easier to swallow the cost of repiping your home. To learn more about the process and to receive a free no-obligation price quote, call (301) 278-8786. At A Better Plumber, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality plumbing service at the most affordable prices.

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