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Cured in Place Piping: What It Is And How It Works

You might have heard of the revolutionary process called trenchless pipe replacement, or Cured In Place Piping(CIPP), and thought that it was just a scam or catchphrase to get you to call the company throwing out this flashy term. There is no way that this could be a legitimate option. After all, who would not jump at the opportunity to have a damaged or worn out pipe replaced without all of the hassle, mess, and expense of trenching in a new pipe? But you should know that the process of cured in place piping is real and reliable.

How It Works

The short explanation of this process is that a poly fiberglass liner is inserted into the damaged pipe. The liner has been impregnated with a resin material that will bond it to the inside of the old pipe. With the resin-coated liner in place, a machine fills the liner with air to expand it against the inside of the old pipe. As the resin cures, it bonds the liner in place and forms a tight seal to create a new waterproof pipe inside the old damaged pipe.

Prior to installing the liner, the old pipe is examined using a tiny camera to locate any blockages in the pipe. Then the pipe is professionally cleaned to remove any debris and blockages. After the cleaning, the pipe is inspected once again to ensure it is ready for the liner’s installation. Once the install is completed, the curing process begins. This step requires about 8 hours. But after that time, the pipe is entirely functional. And it has a life expectancy of 50-years, which is covered under warranty by the manufacturer.

When Is CIPP An Option

The great part about CIPP is that it is a viable option for almost any repair or replacement. The liners can be inserted into straight pipes or pipes with curves and fittings. Some of the most common issues that can be repaired using CIPP include:

  • Cracked pipes
  • Pipes with numerous leaks, breaks, damage
  • Pipes damaged by tree root invasion
  • Corroded or water damaged pipes
  • To replace pipes that are contaminated by mold or other bacteria
  • To replace pipes damaged by a blockage
  • To restore water flow in old pipes that have deteriorated

The Benefits Of Cure In Place Piping Over Conventional Pipe Replacement

In the past, a pipe replacement project involved a great deal of labor to excavate or trench for the new installation. Not only is this process expensive, but it is also destructive. After the new pipe was in place, the property owner was then faced with the cost of restoration to landscape and paving. But that is all eliminated with the use of the CIPP method. Some of the most exciting benefits of this advance in repiping include:

  • No digging or trenching
  • No damage to property walls or other structures
  • No possibility of future pipe corrosion
  • Conforms to all U.S. building code regulations
  • Can replace an entire pipe or only the sections that are damaged
  • Is more cost-effective than traditional methods
  • Creates less waste making it environmentally responsible
  • Offers a 50-year warranty
  • Can be completed quickly

Still Not Sure About Cure In Place Piping?

If you are still not convinced that Cure In Place Piping is the best option for you, call (301) 278-8786 to schedule a free consultation with a A Better Plumber professional. Our staff of licensed plumbers has decades of experience working with residents to find the best solutions for all their plumbing needs. And that includes determining when trenchless pipe replacement is a viable option.

Our plumber will examine your damaged pipe using a tiny camera. This process allows us and you to see the damage or blockage in the pipe, where it is located, and how severe it is. And at that point, our pro will begin to explain your options for a partial pipe repair or a complete pipe replacement. He or she will also explain how using the CIPP process will help you save money while still offering a reliable and warrantied solution. Just call us at (301) 278-8786 to schedule your appointment at a time that is convenient for your schedule. We offer weekend and evening appointments, and our complete price quote is yours for free with no obligation to hire us to complete the work.

Contact our licensed professionals today to schedule a service appointment. (301) 278-8786

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