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Does my Toilet need Repairs Or Replacement?

Does my Toilet need Repairs Or Replacement?

There are many Faucets and Appliances in our home that provide us with clean fresh water. Which one of those would you not be able to live without? That’s right, your toilet. Of the many fixtures in your home very few are as essential as your Toilet. So what happens when it starts to Clog Unexpectedly, or becomes overwhelmingly dysfunctional? While there are a number of DIY tricks that might temporarily solve these issues, nothing compares to a trained professional with years of experience to determine the Repairs needed or Likeliness of a replacement. Here are some common signs to let you know that your Toilet needs to be repaired or replaced.

Multiple Clogs

During the week when we use our toilet multiple times, we may encounter the occasional clog. However when there are multiple clogs that occur frequently then there may be an issue with your toilet’s ability to flush the water down and through the drain. Which would ultimately build up into a Pipe issue if not dealt with sooner than later.

Toilet Barely Flushes, or not at all

When you go to flush your toilet and nothing happens. Or you hear it attempt to flush and then silence, most likely there is an issue with your toilets flushing mechanism. Without the proper tools and knowledge or this mechanism, it will be very difficult to do yourself and requires help from a trained professional. Last thing you’d want is to attempt to fix the issue and make it worse. Call (301) 278-8786 for any information you need.

Toilet Bowl Doesn’t Refill With Water

Each Toilet comes equipped with an individual valve that, when operating correctly, will fill your toilet after it has been flushed. When this Valve malfunctions it doesn’t just take any valve from any toilet. You will need to replace this part with the exact same one, and without the knowledge on where to buy it, or the skill to be able to install it, the best decision here is to call a professional and have them help you understand how to do it so that next time you will be well equipped to fixing it yourself.

Water Around The Base Of Your Toilet

Water that stands around the base of your toilet is an indication of a problem with your toilet seal. There is a large wax ring that your Toilet was placed on when Installed to bind it to the floor and to prevent leaks from coming through. If this seal is compromised it could lead to an increase in your water bill. This is one sure sign that you need a toilet repair, and not to sit on. Call the professionals to help you assess the best course of action.

Unexplained Leaks

Toilets can leak for a number of reasons, if you have checked that your toilet seal isn’t to blame then it might pay off to look closer. Take a thorough look around the major porcelain surfaces to ensure no cracks or fractures are leaking water from your Toilet. These cracks can be caused by a number of reasons, the least which are obvious, something heavy fell on it, improper installation, or quite possibly the porcelain is old in age. Some cracks are fixable while others aren’t, and to have a professional eye on these cracks will pay off in the long run.

There are numerous signs and reasons to indicate a demand for repair and replacement of your home’s Toilet. Anything from slight running water to rust or corrosion of the entire structure are more than enough to have your toilet checked by a professional to help you better understand the severity of the issue and whether or not it is time for Repairs or a Replacement. Better to have professional help than none at all. Even if it means investing now for a pay off later. If you suspect that you have any one or number of these signs, or issues give A Better Plumber a call at (301) 278-8786 today.

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