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How To Know If I Need Furnace Repairs?

How To Know If I Need Furnace Repairs?

Towards the end of the year is when our Furnace is used the most, and you might think. As long as I turn on my heater and hot air comes out it’s fine right? This couldn’t be further from the truth. Especially if it has been several months or years since your home’s last furnace maintenance. Unusual sounds, cost of your bill, age, and even the color of the flame could indicate several issues to your home’s furnace. Furnace Repair is never a good thing to sit on, give the pros a call if you notice any of these signs. They could indicate you are in need of Furnace Repair.

Age of your Furnace

It’s not often that homeowners consider the passage of time and a reason to repair their furnace, or any major HVAC appliance for that matter. Furnaces have a lifespan of about 18 years, and cost effective repairs can have your heating system functional for up to 15 of those years. If your Furnace is under 15 years old then consider having it assessed for any faults or issues. To improve the health of your Furnace and Possibly your Wallet, It’s important to make sure your furnace is operating as efficiently as possible.

Strange or Odd Noises

Does your Furnace make odd sounds like Rumbling, Rattling, Squealing or Popping? Do you even anticipate these sounds? Let me be the first to tell you that your furnace was manufactured to operate quietly. Any Strange or Odd noise coming from your furnace is a sure sign that you need some repairs. Don’t risk the safety of your home and family by sitting on this issue. Call a professional to take a look.

Increased Heating Costs

Have you noticed an increase in the price of your Heating Bill? Most people don’t realize their furnace is in need of an assessment or repair until they open their next monthly bill and find it skyrocketed. This could indicate an issue that your furnace might be working too hard to maintain a set temperature. A common sign of this problem is when you notice that your home’s furnace is turning on more and more frequently just to maintain the desired temperature set. Call (301) 278-8786 now if you have any questions.

Change In Flame Color

Another sign of your home’s need for a Furnace Repair is a change in the flame color inside of your furnace. If you have noticed that your furnace’s flame color has changed from Blue to Yellow, then this is a major warning sign of the production of carbon monoxide in your home. Carbon Monoxide is an Odorless, and Colorless gas that is potentially fatal if left unattended. If you notice this change in color in your furnace, remove your family from the home immediately. Call your utility company to have them turn off your gas, and call the local fire department to assure that it is safe to re enter your home. At that point it would then be the right time to call A Better Plumber to have them take care of the issue with your furnace.

Furnace Replacement

While there are many reasons to have your Furnace Repaired, sometimes there are underlying issues that make it difficult for even a pro to continue trying to maintain your home’s Furnace. It may be the right decision to consider your options with a full Furnace Replacement. There are a number of reasons to replace your Furnace as there are to Repair it. Some of them are Cost effectiveness, Utility Bill Savings, Efficient and effective heating, as well as the comfort and assurance that your home is safe.

So whether it be an odd ticking noise, the thought of time since your last furnace repair, or even an upgrade to your Furnace entirely. We at A Better Plumber have the skills and experiences needed to help you troubleshoot and conclude which of these options are best for you, your home, and your family. Call now (301) 278-8786.

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