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How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

If you focused your New Year’s Resolution on being more water conscious, the planet and your neighbors applaud you! But now it is time to start working to save our most valuable natural resource. And you might be getting very concerned about pulling off this year’s lofty goal. Fortunately, we have compiled a simple list of ways to save water and maybe even a few extra dollars along the way.

First Stop Is The Kitchen

Washing dishes uses a lot of water. And hand washing also uses a lot of water that you paid to have heated. Most homeowners do not realize that an Energy Star rated dishwasher is far more efficient than hand washing dishes. So let the dishwasher do the dirty work. All you need to do is commit to running a cycle when the dishwasher is full. And for the things like a burned on pot or pan, let it soak for a bit. That will help make your job easier and use far less water.

Next Stop Is The Bathroom

Most households use a considerable amount of water in the bathroom when you think about bathing and flushing toilets. First, let’s consider your toilets. Before 1992, toilets could consume as much as seven gallons of water per flush. That is a massive amount of water. But all of the new low-flow toilets use only 1.6 gallons per flush. That is a significant savings of over five gallons per flush. So replacing just two toilets with low flow models could save you about 150 gallons of water each weak, based on only four flushes per day.

And if you notice that you have a toilet continually running or leaking water from the tank, it is time to get it fixed. A leaking toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water each day. Check out a YouTube video for replacement instructions or call your trusted plumber.

Now it is time to look at a prime water consumer, your shower. In most homes, shower use accounts for nearly 20% of all water use. No one wants to take a two-minute shower. But being reasonable when it comes to shower time can save a massive amount of water. A recent EPA study found that the average family could save almost 3,000 gallons of water each year by reducing shower times from the typical 10 minutes down to a more reasonable five minutes. If you feel like a more relaxing experience, think about soaking in the tub for 30 minutes or so.

Off To The Laundry Room

Older washing machines use about 40 gallons of water per load. But new Energy Star rates units have dropped that number to about 15 gallons. And as a bonus, you will find that these machines also use about 25% less energy, so you will discover a financial saving after updating to a new washing machine.

Take A Short Tour

All of the tiny drips and leaks around your home are wasting water and costing you money. Walk around the house in the early morning when it is quiet to look and listen for water leaks. Locating and repairing these tiny problems will save water and the possibility of more upsetting and costly issues later.

If you are interested in a plumbing inspection to learn more about ways to reduce your home’s water consumption, call (301) 278-8786. The licensed plumbers at A Better Plumber will evaluate your appliances, inspect your home for water leaks, and make recommendations that will save you both water and money in the coming year.

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