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Is It Time To Go Tankless?

Have you been thinking about all the wonderful things you hear about tankless water heaters? Were you the last one to shower today and had to suffer through barely warm water? Does an endless supply of hot water sound too good to be true? Well, the truth is that just like every appliance and feature in your home, tankless water heaters have some pros and cons. And until you are aware of all of them, there is no way for you to make a wise choice about going tankless.

Unlimited Hot Water

First things first, having an unlimited supply of hot water is enough to convert anyone who lives in a busy household. You dream of having hot water whenever it is your turn to bathe. And you are equally as excited about having all the hot water you want to enjoy. But there are a few catches along the way. Yes, tankless water heaters provide a constant flow of hot water for as long as you have the faucet or shower valve turned on. But what is less well known is that tankless water heaters all have a limited capacity. So it is critical that your new tankless water heater is sized correctly to meet your household’s hot water needs.

More About Capacity

Every tankless water heater is rated to produce up to a set number of gallons of hot water at one time. So if the unit is rated to 13 gallons per minute, that is the most you can ever have flowing at one time. Yes, that amount of hot water can flow indefinitely, but you will never get more than the unit’s max flow rate. If you try to use more, a fail-safe will shut off the unit, and you will have no hot water. So when you sit down with your licensed plumber, it is essential that you carefully consider all of his questions about hot water usage in your home. And mention any significant changes that you foresee in your hot water usage. If you are planning on increasing your family’s size, that will increase your hot water needs.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Tankless water heaters are more expensive to purchase than traditional models. And the larger the capacity of your tankless water heater, the larger the price tag. But there is a reasonable solution to buying a massive unit. It is not uncommon for larger homes to have multiple tankless water heaters serving different parts of the house. One might supply the kitchen and master bath, while another handles the guest bath and children’s bathroom. Your plumbing professional will guide you in determining how many tankless water heaters will best meet your needs. And also how to plumb them to get the most bang for your buck.

The Biggest Benefit

You might be starting to think that the cost of buying and installing multiple tankless units is not worth the hassle. But don’t forget that tankless water heaters are roughly 30% more energy-efficient than traditional models. So you will be saving money on your utility bill each month to help offset your initial investment. These smaller units don’t waste tons of energy maintaining a tank of hot water when no one is using hot water. So don’t forget to add in the monthly savings and the perk for the environment of using less energy.

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