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What Causes A Faucet Leak?

When you ask homeowners about water leaks, they will agree that even a small leak of just two drips a minute should be considered a serious issue. And it should get immediate attention from a licensed plumber. But if that is true, why do so many people find it easy to ignore a dripping faucet? Is it because that water is just running down the drain and does not have the potential to create thousands of dollars in water damage? Or is it because they think that it is not a significant amount of water being wasted? The truth is that both of these lines of thought are incorrect.

Regarding wasted water, a faucet that drips just twice each minute will waste over 100 gallons of water each year. That is, roughly water is enough to fill the average 25-gallon bathtub four times! And depending on the cause of the faucet drip, the leak could become worse and create a flood that will cause significant and costly water damage to your home. So it is crucial to know the cause of the leak and how to correct it to avoid more expensive issues in the future.

Damaged Or Worn Parts

A steady drip coming from a faucet indicates a worn or damaged washer inside the faucet. And for about a dollar, the washer can be replaced with a new one from your local hardware store or big box store. Compression faucets have seals that can wear out and result in a constant leak, as well. And for cartridge faucets, the cartridge could have a worn-out O-ring or seal at the inlet or outlet. But the common concern with all of these dripping faucets is that they will never get better. They will only get worse. And that can lead to other leaks in the water pipe or faucet that will begin to cause water damage to your home. Take a few minutes to make the repair or hire a licensed plumber to take care of the tiny issue before it becomes a huge and expensive problem.

High Water Pressure

No one ever thought that having too much water pressure could be an issue. But when you speak to a licensed plumber, you will learn that having excessive water pressure can create problems in your home’s plumbing. When it comes to faucet leaks, high water pressure is often the culprit when a faucet is leaking only at certain times of the day or night. The pressure reaches its peak when no other water is being used in the house, such as late at night or early in the morning. The issue starts as just a tiny pinhole in the pipe, but it will continue to increase in size if ignored. It is always best to have a small problem corrected before it turns into something worse.


When a plumbing pipe or fitting cracks, there can be a leak at the damage, and a nearby faucet can also begin to leak. So when you discover that a bathroom sink faucet is dripping, check the water pipes under the sink for damage and another leak. But remember that the leak could also be hidden in the walls or floors. So it is best to call in a licensed plumber to inspect the area.

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