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What Could Be Causing Your Home’s Low Water Pressure?

It is not uncommon for the water in your Waldorf home to decrease over time. It happens very slowly, and it is often hard to pinpoint the start of the problem. But frequently, you will finally be forced to address the issue when you notice that the change is now significant. It might be the time it takes to fill the bathtub or a wading pool for your children, but you are sure that the water pressure is now significantly less than it once was. And your only question is why?

A Clog Or Blockage

There are a few ways a blockage or clog could develop in your water supply line or a water line in your home. The most common is damage to the city water line that supplies your home. Some debris could have gotten into the pipe and is now lodged inside the waterline of your home. Another possibility is that something has broken, a piece of a fitting, seal, or O-ring, which is now stuck in the pipe. The only way to locate a foreign object blocking your water line is to call the experts at A Better Plumber to access the water lines with a tiny camera to find any blockage in the pipes.

A Faulty Pressure Regulator

If you live in a community with exceptional water pressure, a pressure regulator might have been installed to protect your home’s plumbing system from the damage of excessive water pressure. When water exceeds the safe pressure rating inside a water line, it can erode the pipe, shatter it, or cause it to wear out more rapidly than usual. However, this protective device can also wear out and be the reason that your home is suffering from low water pressure. An inspection by a licensed plumber will reveal if the pressure regulator is damaged or needs to be recalibrated to correct the problem.

Water Leaks

Low water pressure is often an indication of a water leak somewhere inside your home. However, if you have not seen signs of a significant leak, then the leak detection experts at A Better Plumber should be scheduled to determine if there is a leak hidden somewhere inside or under your home. The leak is sure to be creating costly water damage and promoting mold growth, so fast detection and repairs are essential.

Old Water Lines

As water pipes age, they can begin to corrode or deteriorate and cause clogs in the line. As the mineral build-up and corrosion continue, the water pressure becomes worse. The only solution for this issue is a call to the experts at A Better Plumber to locate the blockage and replace any piping that is corroded or blocked with mineral build-up.

Call (301) 278-8786 to request an appointment with the plumbing experts at A Better Plumber. Our licensed plumbers use the latest technology to locate leaks, blockages, and other issues causing low water pressure in your home. Once the problem is determined, we will provide a free no-obligation price quote for the repairs.

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