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What You Need To Know About Burst Water Lines

Most homeowners in the Maryland area quickly admit that they try never to think about plumbing issues or what could happen if a water line in their home bursts. Even the thought of all that water flooding the house and ruining furniture, personal belongings, and finishes is enough to bring tears to any homeowner’s eyes. Then there is the thought of the costly repair and cleanup that genuinely makes you shudder with fear. But refusing to think about these inevitable issues will not prevent them. However, it can make them a little more costly and upsetting.

In the case of a burst water line in your home, the only thing you need to remember is to act quickly. First, turn off the main water supply to your home if you know where the valve is located. Then grab your phone and dial (301) 278-8786. The licensed plumbers at A Better Plumber offer 24/7 emergency service for all severe issues like a burst water line.

What Causes A Water Line To Suddenly Burst?

All residential water lines must meet specific pressure ratings. However, there are a few things that can cause the pressure inside your home’s water lines to increase suddenly. The most common issue that increases the water pressure is a blockage or obstruction inside the pipe. The foreign object is blocking a part of the pipe and will force the water to speed through the remaining opening with much more force. The result is often a burst pipe.

The important thing for homeowners to understand is that the blockage in the pipe could be corrosion, an object that accidentally made its way through the city water supply line or ice. All of these items will restrict the water flow enough to increase the pressure behind the water significantly. In addition, if the pipe is exposed to extreme cold, the water will expand as it completely freezes, bursting the pipe.

While Waiting For The Plumber To Arrive

Most people are shocked to discover how much water is in the water lines running throughout their homes. They shut off the main water supply valve and are annoyed that water leaks from the damaged pipe. Unfortunately, there are many gallons of water in all the piping in your home. And unless you open a few faucets, that water will continue to leak out of the damaged pipe. Go to the lowest faucet in the house and open it after you have turned off the main water supply. Then open another few taps to allow the water to drain into the lowest sink.

Preventing Burst Pipes

The easiest way to prevent burst pipes is with an annual plumbing inspection. At this visit, your licensed plumber will assess the condition of your home’s water lines and inform you if they are reaching the end of their reliability. Older pipes tend to corrode and become more susceptible to damage from an increase in water pressure.

The second essential thing is protecting all water lines from freezing temperatures. If you live in a region with cold temps, be sure that the water lines in your home are well protected from cold weather. Adding pipe wrap and insulation are great safety measures to help avoid a costly flood due to a burst water line.

If you suspect an issue with any water line in your home, call (301) 278-8786 immediately. The A Better Plumber experts will arrive quickly to locate and repair any damage to your home’s water lines. Never try to identify and repair the leak yourself. Even a tiny issue with your repair can result in tens of thousands of dollars in water damage.

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