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Satisfaction GuaranteedOwning a home is never as easy as many make it out to seem. Why? Being a homeowner is a type of a job. There’s so many chores to complete each day and each week. There’s appliances to care for and repairs to make. There’s leaves to be blown, grass to be cut, rooms to be painted, furniture to be shifted and so much more. Your honey-do list will expand when you throw the plumbing of the home into the mix. How much plumbing repair can you handle on your own though? Clogged drains, a lack of hot water, and other issues can be very difficult to fix on your own. The more complex the plumbing issue, hidden water leaks for example, the greater potential for damage if not peformed by a professional.

The team at A Better Plumber has more than two decades of experience performing leak detection in Waldorf, and throughout the Maryland and Greater Washington, D.C. area. If you are experiencing unusually high water bills, have noticed water pooling up on flooring, the ceiling, or inside walls, it’s time to call in a professional.

Our Leak Detection Services Include:

How is a Plumbing Leak Found?

It is very easy to spot the most obvious leaks in your home’s plumbing. There could be water dripping from the wrong part of a spigot. There could be a pool of water at the base of your toilet. Wet spots might have developed underneath your bathroom or kitchen sinks. The water pressure coming from your shower head might be lower than normal. All of these are obvious signs of a leak somewhere in your plumbing.

The integrity of your home and the health of your family can be at risk when an undetected plumbing leak develops. Mildew and mold can easily grow in different areas of your home if the leak goes on long enough before it is detected. Be on the lookout for any or all of the following signs of a plumbing leak and do not hesitate to call A Better Plumber to schedule our non-invasive & affordable plumbing leak detection in Waldorf, MD.

Examining a Slab Leak

To understand the process for slab leak detection in Waldorf, MD, it is important to understand exactly what a ‘slab’ is. A slab is a flat piece of concrete that is used as the floor for a basement, garage, or addition to your home. The majority of slabs in garages, either attached or detached, are never covered with another type of flooring like carpet or tile. When a basement is yet to be finished the concrete slab is visible. The concrete slab in an addition to your home will have either carpet, tile, or wood flooring on top of it.

A leak in the slab of your garage or addition or basement occurs when water seeps up through cracks or holes in the concrete. Slab leaks can also occur as the slap settles into the ground. The shifting in the concrete as it settles leads to the development of cracks. It’s also possible that the concrete was not installed properly by your contractor. If this is the case, it could easily cause a leak in the slab.

It’s in your best interest to have an experienced and reliable plumber come to your home if you find a puddle of water on your basement or garage floor or if your carpets are wet in your addition. Choosing a plumber with the necessary tools and experience to perform a non-invasive slab leak detection in your Waldorf home is of the utmost importance. Choosing the wrong plumbing company can lead to unneccesary breaks in the concrete foundation of your home just to reveal a leaking line. With our state of the art electronic leak detection equipment we can locate slab leaks without any digging, cutting, or jackhammering!

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Looking at the Causes of Slab Leaks

There is clay that is under a slab of concrete. This clay builds up over time and can lead to the concrete shifting. When the concrete shifts there can be holes and cracks that open up in the slab, leading to water seeping up through it.

There might be other factors causing the slab leak if clay cannot be located on the ground of your property. Is there a stream on your property? If so, it might just run underneath the part of your house where the slab leak is located. Even the smallest of earthquakes in Waldorf, MD can wind up causing a crack in the slab, which can lead to a leak. Were pipes installed underneath or in the concrete during a renovation? If so, they might have been installed incorrectly.

Detecting Slab Leaks

A slab leak can wind up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs, including the replacement of the entire slab of concrete if there is no other fix for the leak present. If the leak has been found in its infancy you might only need minor repairs to the slab in order to stop the leak and limit the damage to your home. Detecting slab leaks in Waldorf, MD should never include you digging up the concrete if you aren’t sure where he water is coming from. Below is a list of signs you should be looking for when dealing with a slab leak:

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Do you think there is a leak somewhere in the plumbing of your home? Do you think that the concrete slab in your addition or in your garage has a leak in it? A large number of slab leaks occur because of groundwater issue, which means they will not affect your water bill negatively. But, the longer you let a slab leak occur, the more expensive it will be to repair the slab and get rid of the leak. Contact the team at A Better Plumber today to schedule your leak detection in Waldorf today! We are standing by ready to help!

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