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Are you experiencing issues with your home’s sewer line? Are drains running slowly? Do you have soggy spots in your lawn? Have you noticed foul odors coming from sinks, toilets, and drains? If so, you have come to the right place! A Better Plumber is the go-to company for affordable, reliable, and fairly-priced sewer line repair in Waldorf, MD!

The sewer line carries all of the waste from your home from the structure to the sewage treatment plant where you live. When an issue arises with the sewer line you will notice that your home might have a foul smell or that waste backs up into the home’s plumbing fixtures. There will be a monthly fee assessed for your use of the sewer system in your town, so don’t throw that money down the drain when the sewer line fails to operate correctly. That’s why you should have the phone number of a reputable and experienced plumber on your speed dial. The team from A Better Plumber has the tools and knowledge necessary to diagnose the problem with your sewer line and then make the repairs.

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Common Problems with a Sewer Line

Some of the most common problems our plumbers have come across when it comes to sewer lines include the following:

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Signs That It’s Time to Have the Sewer Line Replaced

If you allow drainage issues to persist in the home you could very well have a much larger and much more expensive problem on your hands. The following signs should be monitored closely and are indicators that it’s time to call a plumber in order to avoid a plumbing disaster.

Your Home’s Age

How old is your home? The age of your home could be a big indicator of whether or not it’s time to replace the entire sewer line of the home. For example, if your home was built 50 or more years ago, you will likely want to look into the replacement of the sewer line. There’s also the possibility that the age of the sewer line does not match the age of the house. You likely won’t know this if you were not the original owner of the home.

Persistent, Continued Problems

Any persistent or continued problem with your home’s plumbing or sewer line should be addressed immediately. Don’t let this issues linger. The longer they go untreated, the worse the condition can turn into, leading to costly repairs for more than just your plumbing or sewer line. An untreated issue can cause a flood of sewage and water into your home, ruining flooring, drywall, furniture and precious belongings.

Tree Roots

Not many homeowners realize how much of a problem tree roots cause with a sewer line or the plumbing of a home until it’s too late. A tree root can crack a sewer line and continue to push through it, causing a partial or complete block of the line. Take a look at your property. How many trees are present? How many trees do you have in the front yard, where the sewer line is likely located? A tree root will extend much further than what the naked eye can see.

Malfunctioning Water Fixtures

Have the water fixtures in your home malfunctioned of late? This is quite possibly the biggest sign that you have a problem with the sewer line. Do you notice a pool of water in the shower, tub, or sink long after the water has stopped running? This is a sign that the water is not draining properly. It could be due to a clog in the drain or a clog somewhere along the sewer line of the home. If you’ve noticed water coming up through the drain of the shower or tub when you flush the toilet, you definitely have trouble with the sewer line and should call a plumber immediately.

Changes in the Yard

Are there areas of your yard that are wet, or have a pool of water, and it hasn’t rained in days? Is there an indent in the yard? These are two common signs that the sewer line is leaking somewhere along its path under your yard.

Weird Sounds

Do weird sounds make an appearance when the plumbing is used in the home? The sounds that most commonly signal trouble with the sewer line are gurgling and bubbling. Another common sign is the presence of bubbles in the water of the toilet when you flush it. If you notice any of these signs it’s time to call a licensed and trusted plumber in Waldorf.

Persistent Clogs

The most common causes of clogs in the home are paper products being flushed down the toilet or other items making into the plumbing that shouldn’t be there. If paper products, toys, or other items haven’t been flushed down the drain and there are persistent clogs, you have a problem with the sewer line of your home.

How to Find a Problem with the Sewer Line

If any of the issues or signs mentioned above present themselves in your Waldorf, MD home, you need to call the experienced team from A Better Plumber as soon as possible to schedule an appointment for service. The first step in finding a problem with the sewer line is to have a camera placed in the line to find where the issue is located and what is wrong. When we conduct an inspection of the sewer line using a camera before doing anything else, our team will be able to make the correct repairs.

Options for Sewer Line Replacement

Gone are the days where your entire yard has to be dug up to replace a portion or the entire sewer line that runs to your home. The technology available today that plumbers use makes it easier to conduct repairs and replacement of sewer lines without sacrificing your entire yard. One of the most common options for replacing a sewer line is the trenchless option, but not every home is eligible for this method. If this winds up being an option for sewer line replacement, our plumbers can do so without digging up your front yard.

Schedule an Appointment for Sewer Line Repair in Waldorf, MD

Never make the mistake of leaving a broken sewer line or any issue with it unrepaired. The longer you wait to have repairs made, the more costly they become. Call the experienced team from A Better Plumber in Waldorf, MD at 301-278-8786 to schedule an appointment for service. The sooner you make the call, the sooner our team can diagnose the issue and make the necessary repairs so your home is not flooded with sewage.

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