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Your Local Master Plumber in St Mary's County

In St. Mary’s County, nothing is predictable. Whether you own a home or business, the one thing you can count on is Murphy’s Law, whatever can go wrong at the worst possible time, absolutely will. A Better Plumber is here to help you out.

We are pleased to announce same day plumber service and 24/7 emergency plumbing to our clients in St Mary’s County & Southern Maryland!

​We have a plumber standing by to help with any commercial needs you have. Whether it is something simple like a grease trap needing cleaned or something drastic like the sewer gracing your public restroom with its presence, we can help. We have 24-hour emergency plumbing services ready to come to you anywhere in St. Mary’s County, MD. We won’t judge not matter how big or small the job or how long you waited to call us. We are small business owners too, we understand waiting until the last minute because you are afraid of the cost. Guess what? We won’t break the bank like those out of towners. We work and live in your area. We are here to serve you.

​Is the badger in your sink causing you problems? Are the blades getting dull or just not spinning at all? Is it not even trying to growl when you flip the switch anymore? Have no fear, we can help with all of these problems. We can even help if it smells a little funky. Give us a call to come out and either repair or replace your garbage disposal. We even have a few garbage disposal tips and tricks in our blog on how to keep it in tip top shape and prevent it from smelling worse than your teenager’s gym bag at the end of football season.

Contact our licensed professionals today to schedule a service appointment. (301) 278-8786

In St. Mary’s County, we are considered sea level so water tends to stay just below the ground and we have no shortage of mud. Some other things that stay fairly shallow are tree and shrub roots. If they happen to interfere with your water lines, you could be looking at high water bills and not knowing why. A Better Plumber has state of the art equipment to perform leak detection services and as well as the tools to fix it quick. Sometimes, it’s just a leaky valve that’s more annoying than anything else, but sometimes, we are not that lucky and a bigger fix is needed. We won’t break the bank. We promise affordable plumbing to everyone who calls.

Your shower can be the most frustrating thing in the house, whether it just won’t come clean anymore, it doesn’t drain right, it leaks when you aren’t using it, or it’s just plain ugly. Well guess who can help! Your local Maryland Plumber. We can rip out the one that’s been there since the county was founded and set you up with a new shiny state of the art rain locker. All you have to do is call.

​​Is your tub in the same state as your shower? Call us and we will fix it. We can put in a shower tub combo, or we can scrap the combo you have and give you the perfect soaker tub with a separate shower that is easier to clean. We can make it any color you want, too. We have all the tools to make your tub install fast and headache free for you.

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