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Most homeowners don’t look at a slow drain and picture the potential for water damage and even contamination of their home. The see a minor annoyance and one that they will address at some later point. But that standing water in a tub, shower, or sink is a reminder that soap scum, oil, hair, and other particles are beginning to create a clog in the drain. A call to 301-278-8786 is the way to deal with this small issue before it becomes larger and far more expensive. With 20 years of experience serving the Southern Maryland community, you can trust the professional plumbers at A Better Plumber in Hollywood MD who have been clearing clogs and cleaning drains correctly without the use of hazardous chemicals. Call us today to schedule an appointment or for emergency service is your drain is blocked and about to create a real mess in your home.

Common Causes Of Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are not always caused by someone cramming a large piece of debris down the drain. It can be the result of time and a lot of oily, greasy liquids combining with the tiniest of particles. The grease becomes very sticky as it cools and adheres to the inside of the drain pipes. That creates a great surface for small bits of everything to get stuck and begin to create a blockage or clog. 

And if all of your drains are clearing more slowly, then you are looking at a clog in your main sewer line, which connects the entire house to the city sewer line. This is more likely an issue created by tree roots damaging or invading the pipe. But regardless of the pipe or location, the solution is the same. A drain cleaning from A Better Plumber will eliminate any growing clogs and the scum that could cause others clogs to form. 

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In most cases, sinks drains are only designed to carry water from the sink to the sewer system. But the use of garbage disposals and some amount of carelessness can lead to millions of small food particles finding their way into kitchen sink drains. Those particles along with the grease and oil from cooking combine to create some nasty clogs in drain lines. 

Bathroom sinks are often clogged by hair rather than food particles. The hairs stick to the inside of the pipes as residue builds up over years of use. It can be easy to decide to simply buy a jug of drain cleaner at the store when you notice a slow drain, but in most cases, that will not have any impact on the issue. If you are lucky, the drain will work a little better, but the residue and grease are still in the pipes and will begin to create more issues. A professional drain cleaning is the only way to eliminate the scum inside drain pipes and the potential for clogs. Call us today to eliminate this mess from your future. 

We all have experienced the panic of a toilet that is backed up. And unlike a slow clearing drain, that dirty water is not something you can live with. A call to the professionals today at 301-278-8786 can eliminate the clog in your toilet drain and the worry that it creates. Foreign objects, too much paper, and hygiene products are usually to blame and these clogs are not going to be cleared by any chemicals that you pour down the drain. Call us today and let our professionals clear the clog and clean your toilet drains so that you don’t have to worry about that nasty mess on your floors. 

Clogged Tubs And Showers

Tub and shower drains see a lot of hair and dirt by nature. And over time, those materials will begin to stick to the inside of your drain pipes and create clogged. You might notice that by the end of a shower you are standing in a few inches of dirty water, or that the water just clears more slowly. Those are signs that you need to call us today! A slow drain will soon be the clogged drain that is throwing off your daily routine and making a mess.

Don’t rely on harsh chemicals that have only a slight chance of helping the issue and a great chance of damaging your pipes. Our licensed plumbers use only proven and safe methods to remove any clog and completely clean your drain lines, so you don’t need to worry about future clogs. We offer appointments at times that are convenient for you like evenings and weekends, but if you are facing a serious clog, we also offer same day and emergency service. We know that a clogged drain is not only a point of worry, but it can also be a costly mess once water damage occurs. Call 301-278-8786 today and know that A Better Plumber will professionally remove any clogs and have your drains residue free shortly.

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