St Mary's City

Your Local Master Plumber in St Mary's City, Maryland

We are pleased to announce same day plumber service and 24 hour plumbing to our clients in St Mary’s City and all of Southern Maryland!
Now you can rest easy knowing that homeowners are able to contact us 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays; day or night for emergency plumbing issues.

St. Mary’s City is known for being the founding city in Maryland and a good part of the Chesapeake Bay. Today the remnants of the original city are a tourist attraction. People come from all over to see what the city used to be. Included in the exhibits is the original plumbing and trash sites, a.k.a. a hole in the ground and a ceramic pot. A Better Plumber is here to make sure that you don’t end up back in the 17th century with your plumbing problems.

We hope the water lines aren’t as old as the city, but sometimes we wonder. When water lines break or develop holes, they can be detrimental to the rest of the plumbing in your home. Luckily A Better Plumber has a 24 hour emergency plumbing line to keep the disaster from spreading and we can get that water line repaired quickly. Our technology will even save us from having to dig up your 300 year old rose bush.

​Well Pump Repair

Just in case your well or well pump are close to the same age as the city, we can help with that, too. Well pumps don’t last forever and when they constantly run or don’t run enough, they can lose their effectiveness. Sometimes it’s a simple fix and we can be in and out in no time. Sometimes it’s a little more complicated, but our licensed and insured Maryland plumbers will get it back up and running so you aren’t tossing buckets down the well to get your water

Contact our licensed professionals today to schedule a service appointment. (301) 278-8786

You wouldn’t think that low water pressure at sea level would be an issue, but it can be a major one when you want a nice hot shower. The majority of the time it’s something as simple as a pipe that needs to be cleaned out and sometimes, you may need a pressure pump installed because there are too many people building around you and the water table is dropping faster than it used to. Either way, we can fix a low water pressure problem.

Just like having low water pressure isn’t ideal for your nice hot shower, not having nice hot water is even less ideal. A Better Plumber is ready to come take a look at that water heater and give you the best fix at the most affordable plumbing price around. We won’t talk you into some new fancy water heater when yours just needs the twist of a wrench.

​Kitchen Plumbing

For every holiday, the kitchen is the center of attention. Most people buy houses based on the kitchen and bathroom layouts. If yours isn’t perfect, give us a call and we can update, repair or move the kitchen plumbing around to make it perfect for you. We can fix that frustrating leaky sink, replace that ancient smelly garbage disposal or update your fridge water line to get the ice maker working again for that summer BBQ. Either way, give this MD plumbing company a call for the kitchen plumbing help you need.

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