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Are you suffering from slow-draining or completely clogged drains? Are your showers, tubs, toilets, or sinks draining much more slowly than they should? If so, we can help! Here at A Better Plumber we provide fast, affordable, and reliable drain cleaning in Fort Washington, MD. We specialize in unclogging the toughest clogs!

When items wind up down the drain that shouldn’t be down there, your home can experience a lot of serious issues. The sinks of your home are used constantly, especially if you have children. Children love to explore and experiment, which means they will often try to flush things down the toilet that shouldn’t be flushed. Or, they might drop something down the sink drain like a piece of jewelry or toy that can cause a clog. There are some remedies a homeowner can employ on their own to unclog a drain, but the toughest of clogs should only be handled by an experienced and licensed plumber. That’s where the team from A Better Plumber comes in!

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At some point in time every homeowner will experience some type of clogged drain. The extent of the clogged drain you deal with will depend on the severity of the item involved in the clog and the damage done to the pipe in question. The sad fact of the matter is that a lot of drain clogs are difficult to spot and most often aren’t found until it’s too late (water or sewage backs up into your home). There isn’t an easy solution out there to help you find a drain clog before it backs up all over your bathroom floor. There’s only one thing you can do to help prevent a clogged drain and that’s to clean the sinks, showers, toilets and tubs in your home often (once per week). There are quite a few causes of clogged drains, including flushing paper products in the toilet, soap, hair and cracks in the pipes.

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Hair that goes down any drain in your home can wind up clumping into a ball and clogging the drain. Hair winds up in the drains of showers and tubs most often because it can fall out while washing it or because some people decide to shave while bathing. Hair also clogs sink drains because of those who shave in front of the mirror or who clean their combs or brushes over the sink drain. Hair should be kept from going down the drain at all costs. This is best done in a shower or tub by installing a hair catching device in the drain that only allows water to go down the drain.

Soap in bar form is dangerous to the health of a drain. Why? Bar soap is made of grease and grease should never go down any drain in your home. Stop using bar soap immediately to wash your hands, face, or body in the shower. Switch to a body wash for the shower and to soap from a pump to wash your hands at the kitchen or bathroom sink.


Even if you have a garbage disposal installed, it’s smart to clean your plate off completely before rinsing it in the kitchen sink. Why? The more food pieces that wind up down the drain, the likelier it becomes that the drain will clog. If food pieces wind up in the sink, make sure you use a paper towel or napkin to clean out the debris before running the water, which would send the food down the drain. The majority of clogged kitchen sinks can be handled by cleaning out the s-trap underneath the sink. This is the pipe shaped like an ‘s’ that can be screwed off and back on by you, the homeowner.


Tree roots are often the main cause of a clogged drain in Fort Washington. Even though you might not be able to see the roots of a tree when outside, they extend quite far underneath the ground and might have even broken through a pipe coming from your home. A tree root that has broken through a pipe can easily block the pipe completely, which will eventually cause a backup of fluid and sewage into your home.


Do your best to prevent toys, paper items and wipes from being flushed down the toilets of your home. This can be especially difficult if you have children, which is why you should put lid locks on the toilets. You should never flush paper towels, napkins, tampons, pads, wipes or other paper items down the toilet. It doesn’t matter if you have a septic tank or sewer service; these items can easily cause a complete clog of your drain.


It will be difficult to shave, brush your teeth, clean the dishes, wash your hands, scrub your face and do anything else when there are clogged sink drains in your home. When these drains are clogged it will become increasingly easy for the water to backup and eventually flow over the edge of the sink and all over the floor.


A backed up toilet is never fun to deal with in the home. A toilet that will not flush properly will send bodily fluid and other waste all over the floor of the bathroom. If left too long before making repairs, the toilet clog could wind up causing a health issue. The experienced team from A Better Plumber can diagnose the location and severity of the clog and make the necessary repairs so you don’t have to worry about sewage backing up into your home.


The drains of your showers and tubs can also suffer clogs. When these two items suffer clogs you won’t be able to get a shower or a bath, affecting your personal hygiene. This problem is exacerbated when you have children in the home or when there are a lot of people living in your home as no one will be able to use the shower or the tub until the drain has been unclogged.

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